Jean Béliveau on “To Tell the Truth” (November 19, 1957)

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Montréal Canadiens legend Jean Béliveau appears as a contestant on an episode of “To Tell the Truth” (November 19, 1957) with host Bud Collyer and panelists Polly Bergen, Ralph Bellamy, Kitty Carlisle, and Hy Gardner.


ray brettman says:

Hard for me to imagine in 2017 that out of a panel in, NYC I presume, no one would have knowledge of, I am guessing, one of the 3 most well known players in the game at the time. I know Gordie Howe was around. I think Rocket Richard was still playing then too. But even as a 61 year old Blackhawk fan, full respect to the memory of Mr Beliveau and those wonderful Montreal teams of yore. Even as a kid was hard for me to dislike those guys or their fans.

Student Loans Are Cool says:

Sad as it may seem if they did this today with hockey players nothing has changed

Spirit Wolf says:

This was awesome. thank you.

Lava1964 says:

I've never heard a bad word ever spoken about Jean Beliveau. i doubt if I ever will.

Michael Hawn says:

it is in HD quality

david graham says:

my father was having breakfast with a friend in the early 1980's at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto-when he noticed Jean Beliveau sitting with another man–my father was a huge Habs fan and very timidly went over to Mr. Beliveau and said-I'm sorry Mr. Beliveau I don't want to bother you but can I have your autograph and without any hesitation Mr. Beliveau said "BOTHER ME–SIR you just made my day!!" This was just the kind of man Mr. Beliveau was–total class

David Rohlfing says:

Why was Beliveau wearing 22?

Dan Beliveau says:

One of the true greats!

Greg Lecuyer says:

You can see John looking for the hockey puck at the intro LOL and RIP big guy.

Hugo von braunschweig says:

And we complain about TV today being bad.

Mark Malone says:

Certainly our neighbors to the South are now all familiar with The Legend, The Gentleman, my Hockey Idol: Jean Beliveau. After shedding hundreds of tears in the last two weeks, I'm ready to laugh again. Le Gros Bill will NEVER be forgotten! 
Thank you so much for your research and posting this odd but most amusing clip.

David Berger says:

Kitty Carlisle at the 6 minute mark asks "Why don't you have head protection?"
Out of the mouths' of babes. To Bob Probert and all other concussion victims.
I discovered this as I searched for Jean Beliveau news.
His autograph and the care with which he signed his name is legendary.
Don Cherry was on Rex Murphys' CBC Radio show discussing Beliveau-
Mr. Cherry mentioned seeing Beliveau notice a player who had haphazardly signed his autograph for a fan-
Beliveau apparently said to the player afterward "Do you not value your own name?"
Or words to that affect.
Bill Russell was the Black Quebecois Jean Beliveau

altfactor says:

Jean Beliveau even stumped Kitty Carlisle, which few contestants on "To Tell The Truth" ever did during her 35 years on the show.

R.I.P., Jean. One of the true gentlemen in  sports.

Walter Balan says:

RIP Jean Beliveau. What a classy man!

MARILYN19481 says:

Thanks for sharing. He was a class act.

anandguruji83 says:


anandguruji83 says:


Howard azmat says:

RIP number 4…….

amosburke says:

RIP Le Gros Bill.

Ron Grossman says:

Notice at the end, Beliveau is wearing #22, the others #4.

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