MILO Meets Pamela Geller

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MILO gets personal with Pamela Geller. Pamela’s book, Fatwa, is available for pre-order now:

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MaleOrderBride says:

Milo…i love you…but you need to let Pamela talk more. You dont interview your guests…but kinda talk AT them. No hate…but just ask a question and sit back…stop interrupting your guests xo

Zenith Stratosphere says:

Thank both of you for your frankness and overt honesty, rarely heard today.  I only wish every American could watch this video and hope they would understand the true EVILS that today are deeply embedded in LEFTIST'S Theology.  Enough information is within this video for the average person to watch over and over again.  Such clarity is indeed unique to hear today, as it does take bravery to make the clarity that is elucidated by both Milo and Pamela.

D D says:


paralentor says:

Milo you look like Roger Taylor from Duran Duran , well played. The Reflex. Flex Flex Flecs.

Jessica says:

Milo, you must interview Professor Jordan Peterson but you must let him talk.

Dwayne Page says:

Best one yet Milo.

chad alvarez says:

Does her body language seem friendly towards our lord and savior (satirical comedy only. Jesus IS GOD) Milo? She seems uppity towards the chosen one….Anyone?

EmilyEstelle82 says:

This man's chin has had more balls bounce off it than Ian Botham's bat. He's great, he's funny, he's dangerous, he's sharp, he's very supported and very, very loved. Go Milo!!!

hairypatchboy says:

did I miss something about Dinesh D'Souza? I've watched a few videos of his lectures and debates and I can't ever remember him saying anything outlandish. If there's a video about it, somebody point me to it.

Stacey D says:

Fabulous Pamela Geller! What an inspiration.

michael b says:

Hey Milo you know it's quite possible that you're really stupid

tonebonetones says:

Poor Milo…the things he has to do for zionism, cough…sorry, I meant 'free speech and american patriotism'. Interviewing this bigoted hag does take some beating, though.

Dee Jay says:

gotta love her but i cant be the only one hearing crow cawing in the background every few seconds

E Wood says:

I am woman hear me roar!!!!!! Meow!!! We are just human!! I love this woman, though. I also love Milo. (I am a female) why I have to even say this is beyond me.

Genisis Come Forth says:

Did she actually advocate for Jews not to assimilate. Sorry Pam get the fuck out

Melanie Kaweck says:

God I love both of them but I can't watch milo anymore I can only listen cuz his teeth are awful arghhh

Chad JOHNSON says:

Nothing better than being an American in the 20th century.

Societal Pillage says:

I love the tone his set strikes, I imagine there's some color grading too. It makes it seem like nothing else matters except for two people having a conversation.

Jaime Grayson says:

Twitter was thyggin on rose mcgowan and snatched her account away fir there friend weinstien……but they chickened out and gave it back….GIVE MILES ACCOUNT BACK… ……..fuck twitter

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