Plato: The Republic – Book 1 Summary and Analysis

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Summary and analysis of Book 1 of Plato’s Republic.

Book 2 Summary and Analysis:

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Plato wrote the Republic in 380 BC. The first book of Plato’s Republic is concerned with justice. What is justice and why should one behave justly are two questions which Socrates and his interlocutors attempt to answer. The first definition of justice is proposed by Cephalus. Cephalus is an old, wise, and very wealthy man. He provides tremendous insight about old age. He says that as one grows older, the passions relax and one feels as if he has escaped from a mad and furious monster, and that one experiences a sense of calm and freedom. He also asserts that the greatest benefit his wealth has conferred upon him is that he never needed to intentionally or unintentionally deceive another man; for when a man nears the end of his life, and considers his past transgressions, he begins to fear the potential punishment he will suffer in the afterlife. Cephalus concludes that justice is paying debts and telling the truth.

Socrates refutes Cephalus’ definition of justice by positing several instances in which it is not just to tell the truth or to pay one’s debts. For example, it is not just to return weapons, entrusted to your care, to a friend who is not in his right senses. Furthermore, if a friend who is not in his right senses approaches you and enquires where another man is so that he may kill him, then it is not just to tell him where that man is.

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