The Truth About President Donald Trump And Puerto Rico

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Michael Zimmerman joins Alex Jones live in studio to break down details that emerged during his week long trip to the hurricane ravaged island of Puerto Rico where the US has been aiding.

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maxxxbensleyyy says:

But still only 17 percent electricity you forgot to mention VERY FAKE NEWS

Kay KU says:

CNN are a disgrace to every American and this great Nation. God Bles America, and we all need to stand up and take down all these out of touch networks that spread hate and paint things that aren't true. IF we all stand strong we will over take these fake outlets of hate. They aren't here for us they prey on weak minded individuals that can't see reality for what it is. True brainwashing and we can thank Obama for this segregation and hate filled rhetoric, when they preach that they aren't racist at all, when all they are doing is spreading it every single day of our lives. Screw you.

Dick Tracy says:

The forensics there u r talking abt at around 15 min abt the sounds signature can also be done with the bullet holes in the tarmac; eg trajectory, speed, load, type of shell, where it came from eg which window.
but i tend to believe that the shooting was for the most part taking place on the ground level.

Awaken says:

Love Tr mp or not. People stop idolizing him. Be realistic and if you want a great president than stop not motivating him to be better. Sometimes Alex, oddly, is just super in love with him. How is he flawless? Why not admit that certain things said or done were not perfect or the best for us citizens of PR. Trust that people there truly want him to embrace them as citizens, if not than they may choose to be freemen.

Tonio Candle says:

Have a good time Puerto Rico You have lot of chance compared to Haiti!

danusty says:

Alex, let other people speak please

Sylvaniapr says:

The supermarkets are open but do not have all the supplies. During the first two weeks people did not have gas for themselves had to make lines for 4 hours to get $10. How are they supposed to go around drive around making deliveries? Who is going to give private individual supplies to distribute them? No all the roads are clear, go to the towns in the montains.

Sylvaniapr says:

There are 78 mayors not 93. Why ask a Trump supporter about the truckers and not ask the trucker union?

El Barto says:

In my opinion, many see this as an aid to a neighboring country and they forget that all Puerto Ricans since March 2, 1917 are American citizens just like any other. This same Puerto Ricans shared blood in all your wars and pay there taxes. This funds come from are taxes. But do not worry even whit all the help you will have a few billion dollars extra from are taxes.

El Barto says:

So many people with whom he could talk affected buy the disaster a he picks a person who did not lose anything to talk about Trump. Now let's look at these video.

OC Run says:

The problem in poorto rico is that with the power out they can't use their EBT cards. They need to go back to actual paper food stamps.

Hannelore Tepper says:

MSM needs to be taken down with honest reporting. I love President Trump.

elpelao1716 says:

This is the trump t.v .puerto Rico se levanta with or with the help for trump . Yeah come make all the comments because this channel is paid by Donald Trump to help his image so he could win the next election but Saturday for y'all that's never going to happen again because he does not help Puerto Rico or the virgin islands because they think they can vote but once we are in the states all Puerto Ricans and people from the Virgin Islands could vote so kiss your president goodbye

marco palco says:

Don't generalize a fucking continent you fcking zionist bastards

Francisca Davila Hinojosa says:

Wow! Good report.

Deplorable Dan says:

I deployed with the PR Air National Guard, some solid dudes/good friends……others were super sketchy…… Within a day of the hurricane we sent three C17s and a couple C5s from DAFB to deliver relief supplies. Since then we have sent more…. Other AMC bases sent C17/C5 aircraft to deliver relief as well…. The airfield was set up to receive and disperse aid to the surrounding areas….. The liberal narrative is completely BS, that's why it is FAKE news….. I know we helped the people. I know many people of Puerto Rican descent in my squadron who were mailing large packages to their families. They said people were stealing the mail, so the post office wouldn't deliver it. The people had to go pick up their mail…. We got a couple extra boxes on a C17 for a SSgt in another office, her parents received it within hours! Gen Billy Mitchell was right Air Power is decisive!


David Bloom says:

Look Donald Trump does not care about those niggers and neither do I. LOL

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