Trey Gowdy WIPED The Floor With Awful Nancy Pelosi!!!

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To Tell The Truth says:

Thank you guys for all your support. Please subscribe my second channel

Lynn Dunseith says:

Definitely dementia and shameful of the other dems propping her up like a talking parrot using her until she simply can't continue

Bit Bag says:

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Lori Plemons says:

And yet here we are, October 2017, and NOTHING has changed

Miriam Maldonado says:

I don't understand why??? to this date she's still doing crap like this, she has to go…or is she being allowed to get a fat check???

Timemachine Eddie says:

Jesus! Ever notice how this woman Nancy Pelosi always looks like she smelled something Bad. "Tangent Alert," Rubber faced Nancy reminds me so much of my "mother in law." My mother in law's neighbors refer to her as Satan;s Sister and were singing in the Streets Hallelujah when she evacuated for the Hurricane, God Bless the Honorable Donald Trump working hard for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Jim H says:

Martha has her problems too, supporting all the evil leftists such as Nancy. Making News out of their gibberish and incoherencey

Barbara Kempf says:

Trey Gowdy is the best. Get these idiots exposed for what they are.


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Bryan local 75 Ironworkers says:

click bait.

Patrick Dickey says:

Obama and the leftist have Destroyed the USA!

Bill Swinney says:

If you clean the floor with a dirty pig like Nancy it will never be cleaned again

The Dude says:

these videos are so old lol thanks for trying

Lloyd Tackling says:

I now understands Polish 'S problem, she is on a Parrot shit diet, what a blundering edict.

HML367 says:

This is another video where Trey Gowdy loses control. I'm not sure why anyone sees this behavior as acceptable. We need sane adults in congress, not childish peop who lose control and pitch fits.

Whitey Ward says:

She ment anybody when she mis-spuke!

USSBB62 says:

Sorry dude, you just talk to slow. Can't Subscribe.

Ann Perrone says:

I. Hate. Nancy. P

SgtHavocUSMC says:

She is a twit! I can forgive someone for using the wrong name if Bush just left office but seriously it's been 8 years and she is the leader of the Democratic Party? Why not put foghorn leghorn in her seat and retire her to an old folks home

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