“Trump Never Said Anything Specific” Sarah Sanders Responds To Calm Before The Storm Questions

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“Trump Never Said Anything Specific” Sarah Sanders Responds To Calm Before The Storm Questions

this happened during the white house press briefing 10/6/2017 and was about calm before the storm comments president donald trump made earlier, this was during the white house press conference, this is news today, today news, and latest news and breaking news in politics and us news , sarah huckabee sanders had to answer these questions this is also world news today this was taken live in full president donald trump said something earlier and people wonder whats going on president trump said it earlier at a white house event

original air date: 10/6/2017


Hearing Colours says:

That chick beside her is so hot

Paul Kelley says:

Hallie needs to go to an open air concert all by herself

posternaut says:

I love her glare @0:47

Stephen Smith says:

Trump plays the media so well.

Frank Castle says:

Sarah never answers the reporters direct questions, oh well let her burn in hell, there is always room for bitches like her.

187onaPigeon says:

Stupid illiterate. But the one in red could get it.

Albert Bustillos says:

Sarah so Cool and In Control!!

Steve Cousins says:

This fake press secretary is answering for the Moron and Chief. Want to hear from more moron's just read below.

Supe063 says:

Pretty obvious that Trump is willing to start a war simply because his approval ratings are at record breaking lows for any president. He's desperate. BTW, pretty much everyone can tell the difference between opinion news and real facts. Trump's daily made up "facts" are a whole lot more fake news and distraction than the opinion news that major news outlets put out. 33% and dropping!!

Joe Jones says:

Here to see the chic in red!

Fra4554wwf Medina says:

CNN fake news and information

Fra4554wwf Medina says:

Trump all the way

Amsterdam girl says:

It's Friday wtf it's your job to be there and tell the truth to the American people but your ass can't tell the damn truth you getting paid for it to lie to the American people you are a disgrace to womanhood everything that comes out of your mouth is lies lies lies

2BLESSED says:

Sarah rocks!

Jamie Ostrowski says:

Must be cold in there based on the girl in the peach shirt.

Dave M says:

that woman in the red shirt though….so tight

CoffeeBreaks AllDay says:

Fake news reporters need to be jailed big time

M Krump says:

Yeah Yeah .. yeah yeah
Sarah is way ahead!

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