Watch Justin Trudeau’s Face After Trump Calls NBC Fake News

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Watch Justin Trudeau’s Face After Trump Calls NBC Fake News

NBC Wrote A Piece That General Mattis is putting a statement out to refute later today, Justin’s face is priceless he looks like he can’t believe that someone actually calls out fake news companies when they lie about them

this is breaking news today and latest news today and today news, this was in the white house meeting room where president trump and president justin trudeau had a meet and greet for the press
this is also news today and today news in politics

president donald trump will give remarks later today on tax reform
this is top news and hot news in current events and local news, this made news headlines in usa news today and world news today and is trump latest news

thanks for watching!

original air date: 10/11/ 2017


Rocco Starbuck says:

Poor trump having to sit next to that canadion mangina.

Family Phone says:

why did they look suprised? they already knew they were fake news. GO TRUMP.

Pro-Planet Earthling says:

Where is the Trump Drool-Wiper-in Chief?

Trump gets all misty-eyed and salivates when he talks about Nukes….

Orville Fredrick says:

Trump sits like he is wearing Depends. Maybe he should make some commercials for adult diapers he is in his 70's. He could sell them in his pro shops at his golf courses

vannmanndann says:

look at Trumps hands, he's showing what he thinks of Justin Truedope …
Its ASL sign language symbol for "vagina"
As a canadian taxpayer, I agree.

Nathaniel Botha says:

Trump is an ultra-confident badass! Love it! Trump 2020

M Krump says:

I like Trudeau his smile going high… medium… mid medium… higher… half medium and finishing by neutral focus.
It's gonna be in tip-top-shape

wheelmanstan says:

absolutely ludicrous, who in the hell would ever say they want 10x the nuclear arsenal they already have when there's only ever been 2 nuclear bombs ever used and they have possibly the largest nuclear arsenal in the friggin world? at this point I wouldn't doubt that even the foreign leaders know that America really is battling fake news, at first I'm sure they figured it was too crazy to believe but by now they've surely been keeping an eye out for it, they're probably just too afraid to speak about it

Commeca Guizmono says:

How could "Sophie" be that calm?!?…

denisthemenace13 says:

NBC = not only fake news but accomplices in covering up for hollywood rapist scum like weinstien

Jim Battersbee says:

Imagine being a leader from another country having to sit there and listen to the tripe and drivel from this childish buffoon?
The US now has a dictator and his general attacking the American media. It's like something out of the 3rd world. America is screwed.

Rata 4U says:

Ummmm…..Dotard said he was against the START program. Said it was a bad deal for America. He said he wants to end START. This was in February. Gorbachev intervened and essentially came out of retirement asking WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, TRUMP? In 2018 the stockpile is scheduled for further reduction. Now Trump is essentially admitting that he wants to scrap START and allow Russia to build its stockpile.

He's absolutely intolerable to listen to. His voice is nauseating. PLEASE SHUT HIM UP!

549charger says:

Canucks or cucks

marie belle says:

"Nukes in perfect condition," what a jackass Trump is. This is so embarrassing for America!

marie belle says:

I wish Trudeau was our President, and Sophie is so pretty

Joe Schmoe says:

Jihadi Justin Trudeau is pushing for Mexico to be included in trade agreement negotiations with the U.S. because he is a neo-liberal rich boy who doesn't represent Canada. Instead he represents the globalist, low wage offering, vulture capitalists. Somebody should remind rich boy Trudeau who he is supposed to represent. Canada and the U.S. cannot afford to lose more quality paying jobs to the dirty Mexicans!

Hugh says:

Trudeau must be an embarrassment to all Canadians. He comes across as a little boy compared to President Trump. Trudeau's only goal appears to be to destroy Canada and support other organizations with the same goal. I hope President Trump ends NAFTA.

ocsob007 says:

TRUDEAU, well as you can see in the video, he's no fearless leader, he's a cuck beta male

Mike Hawk says:

Justin knows all about fake news. We have the state funded fake news outlet called CBC. Nothing more than state funded propaganda and leftist pandering.

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