A Different World: 5×09 – Whitley stressing out about the wedding preparations

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A Different World (1987–1993)

Season 5 Episode 9

To Tell the Truth (14 Nov. 1991)

Whitley panics about wedding preparations–particularly the upcoming engagement party. She complains about everything and acts very demanding toward Dwayne. Dwayne admits to Ron that he isn’t sure if he is ready to get married. Dwayne accidentally spills a drink on Whitley during a faculty party, and she screams at him and runs out. He spends the rest of the evening talking with a charming science professor from Avery. Although Ron warns that he is throwing everything away, Dwayne goes out to dinner with the woman, claiming that they are only friends. Kim goes to the restaurant with some classmates and sees Dwayne and Lisa holding hands. Kim confronts Dwayne, but promises to keep the information a secret. Dwayne confesses the truth to Whitley. Freddie becomes romantically involved with Shazza, who she insists has changed since a summer pilgrimage to Africa. She tries to hide the relationship from Kim, who strongly dislikes him.

A Different World: 5×09 To Tell The Truth ( Clip/ Scene )
A Different World: S5 E09 To Tell The Truth ( Clip/ Scene )
A Different World: Season 5 Episode 09 To Tell The Truth ( Clip/ Scene )


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