Live at Berkeley Milo Yiannopoulos Protest

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In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the Milo Yiannopoulos Berkeley free speech week event that just happened and of course, there were protests. We also gave you interviews with people like Sargon of Akkad, based stickman and many others.

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Patrick Peterson says:

All these snowflakes make me so happy as an immigrant. We come from tough places and these idiots take freedom for granted.

Kolt45 Gaming says:

A bunch of whiney bitches who constantly need a safe space are gunna have a real bad day on Nov. 4th. (if they can muster the course to leave mom and dad's house)

Servus says:

But really , everything those liberals have to say is : Nazi, Racist, Rape Gender-Equality.
And now I really understand this political correctness.
Those liberals aren't nice people, they play the "political correctness card"!

Mike says:

If your favorite artists are Beyonce, Rhianna, Niki Manaj, Jay Z, Taylor Swift,, Lady Gaga, Pink, Kanye, Miley Cyrus, Katie Perry and all the mainstream artists, you are brainwashed, a follower, unoriginal, and part of the problem. If you watch awards shows and red carpet events you are brainwashed and part of the problem. If you don't see the same symbolism in all their videos, you are blind. You are being controlled people. You are being taught to consume and to worship material things and money. You are taught to be greedy and a whore. You idiot parents that let your children listen to these people should be put in jail. The pyramid symbol, one hand over one eye, black and white checker board floors, butterflies, birdcage, the numbers, 23,11,666,13 all over music videos, movies, and all around you when you walk out the door have meaning. It's a whole language in numbers. It is not a coincidence that hundreds of album covers feature a pyramid and hundreds of celebs cover one eye. This has meaning. Taylor swift just came out with a video of all her programmed alternate personalities. She said in her lyrics the old Taylor is dead. When will you idiots catch on? Look up MK Ultra mind control. Look up sex kitten programming and monarch butterfly programming. Ask yourself why so many child celebs grow up to be a total mess on drugs then kill themselves. Do you think Cory Feldman was lying when he said you are surrounded by pedophiles in hollywood? Look up Cathy O'brien, Max Speirs, and other victims of mind control. This is fucking real people. It is a documented Military program that has been declassified. When you see these crazy mass shooting and terror attacks, the gov has their hands all over it. If it was legitimate you would think these people would rush capital hill and go after the people that are causing the wars, stealing our money, and destroying society.. These people would not just go after children and innocents at a concert. Start using your brains already!! I reallly can't take the stupidity anymore.It just came out that Hillary was colluding with Facebook and Russia to hand her the election and you assholes still believe it was Trump. These are the tactics they pull. They do the crime, then blame their opponent for it. I really hope people read my comments and say to themselves "you know what….this dude may just be right"… "let me do some research instead of chanting 5 lines over and over again. You have 8 year old kids dodging drone bombs and you pussies are worrying about your feeling being hurt. WAKE THE FUCK UP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike says:

Seriously, if you have a problem with this country, get the fuck out now!

Mike says:


Mike says:

You are looking at the exact reason wy the elite want us all dead. I actually agree with these people when I watch these videos. If you are out on the streets holding signs it just shows how fucking stupid you are. This is not how things get done in this country. You have people fighting each other while the government is getting away with the worst crimes possible. Maybe these people should learn about the branches of government and how we are not a dictatorship. Trump cannot just do what he wants. He is for lack of better words a PR guy. The one who takes the heat for the shadow government that controls everything. Holy fucking shit. Put your fucking signs down, go home and start studying history and why we are where we are at this point in time. It took me almost 10 years to put the puzzle together and figure out exactly how things are run in this country. Believe it when I say it. What these people are doing is anti productive and they are blind to the real problems we face. There are a list of priorities and these assholes are focusing at the bottom of it.

Mike says:

Dear black women. Close your fucking legs or use a condom. You don't teach your children moral values and a large percentage of them end up in jail. Not because of racism either. It's because they commit crimes. Very simple. And here is another thing…. If I call you a nigger, you are not justified in getting violent with me. Almost all black people think it ok to assault someone who calls them a name. I am still waiting to see all these white supremacists taking over the country. How stupid do you have to be, thinking chanting over and over the same thing will actually make some kind of change. All it does is annoy people and eventually lead to violence.

Mike says:

When will these pussies start chanting NO Zionism? That ideology affects us in every single way possible. These idiots don't know a thing. Why we fight wars and sacrifice our troops in the middle east? Zionism. Why our culture has turned to shit and we have been desensitized to violence through Hollywood and TV shows? Zionism! Why Silverstein bought the towers full of asbestos and took out terrorist insurance months previous, just to have our gov + Israel take them down? Zionism. Why there are all these protests and division in this country? Zionist controlled mainstream media. Why duel citizens with allegiance to Israel get our gov to send billions to Israel> ? Zionism. These people cry about racism and same sex marriage but in Israel only Jews can marry Jews. The people that believe that are people that believe the opposite for our country. The country that does not let refugees into their land encourage it into our country. The people that want gun control here but have every citizen in their (stolen) land armed to the teeth. Trayvon Martin was not a victim of police murder. But hey, let's just keep lying. Shut the fuck up about white supremacy. It does not exist. Jewish supremacy exists and nobody says a god damned word about it. These people mix your average white person with zionist Jews. Have any of these assholes even seen the good Trump has been doing for this country? In their eyes Obama could do no wrong. He was the worst President ever but because he was black he got a pass. I just can't take this anymore. These people are so fucking stupid. Who did they want? The murdering, treasonous, child trafficking, Illuminati witch that is guilty of espionage? And someone please tell me where these KKK members are. I never met one in my entire life. BLM and 20 times worse than the KKK. How do you fix a problem like this when people are so fucking willfully ignorant? I'm tired of hearing the white man being blamed for everything. You fucking animals are killing each other and destroying your neighborhoods. These people are reading straight from the Antifa handbook that was found. Word for word I am hearing everything from their playbook to take this country down. Enough with the black supremacy. These people need to look in the mirror. Nobody is holding the black man down. Nobody is stopping them from an education or a job. It's actually racist for them to get jobs over people that are more qualified than them. This is fucking disgusting. I can't believe I share a country with people this brainwashed.

Mike says:

Let's protest and get violent with people that say things that I don't like. Does anyone know what the fucking first amendment is ? This is what happens when you allow your children to be brainwashed by the educational system, mainstream media, Hollywood, and TV. Meanwhile behind closed doors our government is still trafficking and abusing little children and starting illegal and immoral wars. Be ashamed you idiots that align yourselves with 2 different parties, that allows yourself to be labeled a certain way. Keep being stupid people. All these assholes can do is chant is "no trump, no kkk, no fascist usa". Extremely pathetic and ignorant. Ask them one question about why they believe what they believe and they curse you out and run. This people don't know a single thing about history and the present day. Nobody seemed to care about how radical Obama was at a younger age and his connections to Bill Ayers. Nobody cares that Obama made it to office with a 100% proven birth certificate and S.S #. Nobody cares that Michele has a serpent swinging back and forth in her pants. Nobody cares that Obama is the one that divided the country. Nobody cares that he invited BLM to the white house. Fuck you asshole that think there is some kind of white supremacist takeover. Ask one of these assholes the definition of fascism. Ask these assholes how many blacks are legitimately abused by cops for no reason at all. Please explain to me when a black person puts a fist up, what that means? Black power? Black supremacy? Double standard? I'm sick of hearing about blacks and their victim mentality. I'm sorry but I have seen what has gone on over the decades and they act like animals. The statistics don't lie and to quote Ben, facts don't care about your feelings.

Jay Smith says:

conservative,one of the dirtiest words in the English language.

Largesse1000 says:

Death to the Left

Esaron says:

How is that BAMN chick not locked up? She's been convicted for so many assaults recently.

leBraz Psairo says:

This whole generation you see here prancing around at Berkeley disgust me to the Bone

Herbert West says:

Intolerant liberals aren't liberals.

T higgman says:

Goddamn the chanting! Every video one says something then they all start repeating it. It's fucking creepy. Goddamn cultist zealots. Freaks.

Luciano Freire says:


YoDatCHT says:

These liberals crack me up. You can't take them seriously. Willful ignorance and emotion is all they have lol.

Obi Kenobi says:

these 'protesters' are pathetic. what does this chant even mean?

Ad L says:

These communists are dumb as dirt… North Korea living in fear of the USA and not Kim? HAHA

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