Trump Supporter Pushed to Limit At Anti-Trump Protest

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Man wearing Trump hat and 2nd amendment banner was pushed inside of anti-trump protest. Things heated up after that.


Bertharina Rina says:

When will our national manhood rise up from a twin two-party Satanically led machine of misled fools and office holding political renegades. No there is no conspiracy, when any group iron-handedly weilds a whip composed of total marxian dictatorial
universal socialism via dumbing down our republic’s thinking, as a sewer outlet, through a hellish machine of political gangsters wearing identical gloves, both left and right, actually choking down a nation’s avenue of thought through a commie-fed universal media, being put forward on our national continent, America, under pseudo intellectualism feeding from Karl Marx’s
Communist Manifesto.

Communal thought and survivng was long before Noah had constructed his Ark. Pre-diluge historicity clearly records a perpetual struggle between God’s people and the Canaanite nation. In the mind of a divided people a great spiritual conflagration, war, so exploded and enlarged untill the day a great flood moved across a apecific area of the earth. But, we have little history of a land called Nod in Genisis. This area was East of Eden.

Naturally, over the years there has been pro and con about all geological locations on the globe, but Nod is left to it’s self. Why!
because there is a suspicion that a varied mixture of humanity, possibly original eunuchs, whom was not gifted with any pro-creation infinities. Holy writ verifies that individuals of destructive natures with uncontrolled habits were banned from living Eden; however these sort of individuals had the ability to pro-create. Now, in the land of Nod we had eunuchs and the opposite mankind. Through hundreds of years two spiritual adversities congealed their souls through co-opted sin. Through thousands of years and right down into the national society of modern-day thinking, this specific blood line is allied with universal anti-social mud people, in thought control amidst various religious denominations. From the land of Nod Lucifer’s lies has been spread from the four corners of the earth. Mud people are invisible-spirited devils. God knows this seed-line and his prophets will endure until all nations that compose our national republic unite to recognize the enemy with in. God has never divided, mankind devided them selves, by listening to the political whores in high seats of national government of whom follow the ancient whisperings of a long dead city of Nod.

bob johanson says:

Go back in punching and kicking like a wildman. Aim right for the bitches including all the black bitches.

Matthew Cipolla says:

He's surrounded by monsters.

Zachary Koedyker says:

500 vs 1….seemed reasonable….L O L

Andrew Newman says:

This is what they call the party of love.

Andrew Newman says:

I love Trump's love for conservative values. He's what we've been fighting for all these years.

Darcy Foster says:

Typical trumpanzee

Myles Liu says:

0:51 random brainwashed leftist: you pull the trigger of the gun thats how you shoot it!
me: just…. just…. no… just stop, okay

TheSkatingHawk says:

"love trumps hate!" but the protesters continue to push the trump supporter around

nikolas cruz says:

I whana shoot people with my Ar-15

Andy Dicky says:

God those lefty bastards are Pig Ugly


1vs 1000. shame on the crowd

Sasha Yonkers says:

Has a zombie breakout occured??

FireNationPhoenix says:

he is pretty durable

lazunili says:

1:38 were " peacful protesters"

Paul Mahy says:

Should have fucked up microphone head.

Scott MrConservative says:

What cowards!!! Their is a huge group of them and they push one man? Seriously and did anyone else see jessie waters? From water's world at the end? He should have stepped in

Theresonlyone NigelFarage says:

See how they shout " Love trumps Hate " then attack you ?

Nancy Wilson says:

"Isis is here!  Learn how to protect yourself"  Guy should practice what he preaches got his mouthy ass kicked.  Funny!

Glenn Wright says:

That black dude with his hands up needs his teeth knocked out. Passive aggressive pussy.

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