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Sub for more: | Anthony Gockowski of Campus Reform reports, A national “teach-in” movement is asking professors to set aside class time between Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the presidential inauguration to “protest” oppression and challenge “Trumpism.”

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Domenic Marotta says:

seems that the more educated you become the stupider you are in your actions.

Jim Bàrn says:

I cannot believe people want to pay out all that money for their kids to go to college and learned nothing except how to protest what kind of jobs are going to get

midguardz says:

garys constant cough seems like he's been poisoned by too many chemtrails.

Sierra Jade says:

Those damn people need to be in straight jackets, not out there roaming the streets. They are dangerous. America elected Donald Trump because we need a REAL leader and we're all sick of the constant pedophile liberal horseshit.

Michelle Romans says:

fuck these HATE mongers!! pathetic losers, I keep saying that liberalism is a sickness!! an epidemic of massive proportions!! If the bitch HELLARY had won? you'd never see respectable Republican party go nuts like these horrible, degenerate fools!! no!! we'd hate the outcome, but in my heart of hearts? we'd just have to realize, no matter how it sucks, that we have to endure 4 years of the bitch, but? WE WON FAIR AND SQUARE!! GET OVER IT SNOWFLAKE CRYBABIES!! DEAL WITH IT!! LOL!

MN1EXW Chris says:

exactly how much damage can snow flakes do really, just offend and hurt their feelings and they'll run to a safe space.

Stephen Clementson says:

It's more cynical manipulation of youth.

gen123mal456 says:

yes.. but with ELE F U K U S H I M A rads up the a$$e$ of the ma$$e$ and ..DEPLETED URANIUM .. du$t in their worthle$$ family jewel$.. the$e dumb thinking gender confused birth defective goat kids will degenerate into the ue$ful idiot$ that fix my .GENESIS 6.6. problem and FUK them$elve$ into extinction. whil$t they make .. GENESIS 6.7…. reality.. as it is written..REVELATION 17.17..

David Micke says:

Get rid of the socalism in colleges .

Albert Newton says:

Unruly liberal assholes are all about anarchy and destruction of the United States. Why disrupt Trump’s Inauguration, especially in a violent way? There have been college professors since the 1960's poisoning young people’s minds with their communist anarchist diatribe. Even in Hollywood, films like "The Way We Were", although a very fine film had Barbara Streisand playing a communist sympathizer. I mention Barbara Streisand because she is one of those Hollywood celebrities who mock conservative principles, yet live a very lavish lifestyle. Yes, they are pissed that Hillary Clinton could not defeat Donald Trump in a fair election. The DNC did every dishonest thing to get Hillary elected and it did not work. Any normal thinking person can see through Hillary’s lies. The truth is most people are tired of the dishonesty of Washington politicians. They all serve the same master. The puppet masters install the person who will do their bidding regardless of party. Trump came along and changed all that. He should be given a fair chance to work for the people as he said he would do. Threatening the man’s life just proves how wrong people like Obama and Clinton are, because they use these tactics with their Saul Alinsky beliefs.

ZoruaZorroark says:

Can we just have colleges and universities as centers of advanced education instead of safe space havens for special snow flakes that hate those who wish to better themselves

songofthesky says:

Parents, this is where your hard-earned tuition money for your kids is going. If you are not troubled by this, then you may be part of the problem yourselves

songofthesky says:

Stay in class and get an education…refuse to be controlled and manipulated by your handlers…think for yourselves

Nemicia Arroyo says:

liberals need to get a life and move on

Lavenderrose73 says:

I just finished my film certificate at a local junior college, and apparently just in time! I'm about to take a 2nd semester piano class, but the professor I will have, I had her husband for Recording Studio Techniques class previously and he had spoken of Church in some of the stories he told us. So I don't think I will have to worry about that in my class that starts tomorrow.

Joris ridder de van der Schueren says:

have them arrested on grounds of freedom of speech and thought, after all if the STUDENT does not say, write or thinks what HIS/ HER PROFESSOR says/ thinks, he or she will get a negative mark for his/ her writing or speech. Which amendment is violated? the 4. or 5.??? I don't know by heart, after all I am NOT American (thank god), ta, ta, toodle pip. :-)))

Atheist in Alabama says:

just a suggestion: since President Trump is about to deport all the illegals, there's going to be a desperate need for janitorial workers, maids, laborers, etc. maybe these snot nose crybaby snowflakes should be forced to take their place & actually live in the real world, we can check in with them a year from now & see how that safe space libtard lifestyles working for them then.

MrCyborg1973 says:

we must deport all liberal, leave them on the shores of Syria..

darthvader5300 says:

Cutoff all U.S government funding for all Universities and Colleges and especially those violating the HUAC Law and violating the Treasonous Activities by Lending Aid and Comfort to the Enemy Act T.A.L.C.E.A law by allowing the MSA (terrorist islamic muslin pigs infidel muslim student association) on their institutions to brainwash clueless-brainwashed young Americans with Taquiyya which is a license to lie-deceive in order to conquer the world through deceptions and lies and BLOODSHED THAT KILLED 240 MILLION PEOPLE! AND TAX THOSE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES SO HEAVILY WITH PENALTY TAXES FOR SUCH TREASONOUS ACTIVITIES AGAINST THE CHRISTIAN-BASED U.S CONSTITUTION!

Greg Raines says:

To challenge politicians is to be American. Look for these challenges to grow as T is the least respected President elect in modern history.

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