Must Watch In Karmic Glee As The DemoRat Party Is Being Erased Over ACTUAL RUSSIAN COLLUSION

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Must Watch In Karmic Glee As The DemoRat Party Is Being Erased Over ACTUAL RUSSIAN COLLUSION 10 / 23 / 2017

Some Visual Images Curtesy Of Various Artist Hosted By Videvo


Kris Roberts says:

You think your hot shit now don'tchya bro!

El Guiñolo says:

Talk about the pot calling the kettle back…

Very Fake News CNN says:

5:54 this is the dumbest explanation; Obama sells to Russians so that it does not end up in black market when they sell it back to US?

Real Name says:

I think your intros are too long. 30 seconds is a bit much. I liked the 5-10 second time frame.

On topic: Once again the left ends up being guilty of exactly what they accused the opposition of doing. That the russians knew all this, because they were doing the bribing and spy placing, yet said nothing about it during the election certainly shows that they were not acting in any way to help Trump. I'm sure that they would have gotten all that info out before election day if they were at all interested in helping Trump get elected. So crumbles every aspect of the dem's and media's muh russia narrative.

The Leftist filth will all get their just desserts for their rampant corruption and evil ideology. Mueller is in-on-it so it wont come from him, but Sessions should not have to recuse himself from this one, so if he doesn't go after them, we'll know where he stands for sure. Justice will come one way or another, but the left should really be hoping the us gvmt gives it to them, because the citizenry won't be as weak or restricted if the actual public is forced to take it into their own hands.

Donna E Turner says:

Obama was a traitor. Don't you get that yet?

Lorinda Madore says:

Is the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Russian agents? Did Russians throw the Bundies and Hammonds into jail and take their ranches for precious metals and yes, uranium?

Richard Mintern says:

Are you guys on drugs? How do you transport uranium from Russia to the USA. What’s wrong with doing a deal with Russia if The Americans are so stupid to look after themselves?

Dave says:

what we got from the Demo Rats is Silicone Implants

Dave says:

over here in Middle America it means exactly what we thought it meant all along = Demo Rats

Battle of Wills says:

It's about time someone asked why did they sell to the Russians in the first place.

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