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Janice Castillo says:

What strength this woman has! She's a fighter! I know I would never have the courage to get up if this happened to me..her boyfriend is an amazing human being as well

Betsy Martin says:

I'd like to inform everybody that she has a baby on the way and is doing great❤️

Kreety Bura Magar says:

they are so inspiring!!!!

Candy Skittles says:

thank God her eyes are ok!!!

Marie says:

Most guys would probably leave their girlfriend once they saw how different she looked. Bless him.

EnricoFusai says:

I'm so humbled by these two guys… Just immense example of strength and love… All the best to you! ❤️

Rk Kashid says:

she lucky to have such a nice partner

dont click pls says:

sje is still really beautiful she can model again as a never give up symbol 🙂 im 10 years old <3

LadyDietrich1901 says:

She's still beautiful it's what's inside that matters

Robert Houle says:

That's better!

Le Bel says:

Unluckiest but Luckiest at the same time. What more is needed in life when you already have that one person that love you unconditionally.

Dean says:

she has a very aggressive scar response. apart from contracture releases for better functioning there's not much else surgery can do for her. this shows how a life can be dramatically changed forever in only an instant. that they have and love each other is a wonderful conclusion to the story.

Shelby Cofrances says:

He is an angel sent from God to be there for her forever, to love her and everyday make her feel beautiful.

Dominic Schwenke says:

real ❤ respekt

AlphaMini But says:

we love you Turia

tatjana1707 says:

Her boyfriend is so supportive, you don't see that too often…Bless them both… <3

Romanul Ardelean says:

Now that is TRUE LOVE, its not her fault that she suffered burns like that and in my opinion she is beautiful !!!
God bless her and her boyfriend !!!
Respect and love from Romania!!!

OhHer says:

She is very pretty god bless her

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