“The Previous Administration Tried” Heather Nauert Destroys Reporter Who Tries To Undermine Trump

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“The Previous Administration Tried” Heather Nauert Destroys Reporter Who Tries To Undermine Trump

Heather Nauert Reacts To A Reporter Who Tries To Give Obama All Of Trump’s Success

heather nauert had it with a reporter who wouldnt be quiet

this is breaking news today and latest news today, this was during the state department press conference or state department press briefing , president trump spoke earlier today and is speaking soon, president donald trump and the state department work hand in hand for diplomacy

this is current events political news and politics news today and news today and today news and us news

this was taken from the state department press briefing from washington dc usa

original air date: 10/24/2017


Mac Racer says:

Love it when the Leftist Media gets schooled by Heather Nauret. Stupid reporter acts like he was born yesterday! No wonder the public is so misinformed about everything! The MSM will never report the truth!

The Sanford Method says:

Why are so many libtards in bed with Obama still?.. How can they not see this new admin is cleaning house??..

David Brent says:

THESE 'reporters' (cough cough cough) are so fucking stupid.

Brian McGovern says:

In my humble opinion just level that place & make it a glass parking-lot out of it.

TRUMP 2020……………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Miller says:

Heather is an asskicker.

livininaz523 says:

Looks like nobodys  gonna  give Heather any shit.

Honest Abe says:

Douche bag reporter and a pathetic attempt at changing history. MAGA

Steve says:

Heather, Sarah and Kellyanne, stop giving these morons this platform. This is supposed to be a press conference not a day care center.

Jennifer Flower says:

Heather is a beast! This woman is a role model!

Ed Johnson says:

When are people going to start confronting these fake reporters? That thug fake reporter was not asking a question … he was opining … HUGE difference! This has to end.

Shane Flanegan says:

Why is it that even after the time thats already lapsed, most of ht reporters seem to think the "real" story is that Trump somehow stole the election and shouldn't be there, no matter what he does…

gary K says:

Wait…this guy is trying to give credit to Obama? LOL!!!!!!! So, anything BAD is Bush's fault, or Trump's fault, and anything GOOD was something "Obama started". No wonder the Democratic party is failing.

lazerlazer says:

Wow..don't mess with her!

Michael Wright says:

We have an Admin that has loosened the constraints on our military so they can do their job

Billy Anderson says:

The first thing obama did was change the rules of engagement wich tied our solders hands and is why under obama we lost more solders than any other president in the 20thand 21 th century,President Trump untied our solders hands and as a result have had fewer deaths and more gains ! Facts suck if your part of the currupt libral meadia!

eugene swayngim says:

That moron thought for one moment he was going to catch Heather off her game? What a moron.

PickelJars ForHillary says:

Hussein Obama's caliphate is destroyed.

Bulla Schonken says:

You rock girl

Richard Fanselow says:

Yes go to it guys – do your best to take the "United" out of USA. Hate like yours to your fellow countrymen will do that for sure. And turning the US into the train-wreck it is becoming is just what ISIS would want you to. Patriots ALL!

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