Jesse Watters Greg Gutfeld & The Five Take On The Most Shameful Political Ad Ever Produced

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Jesse Watters Greg Gutfeld & The Five Take On The Most Shameful Political Ad Ever Produced & Set Loose On The World To Sew The Seeds Od Chaos . 11 / 2 / 2017

Some Visual Images Curtesy Of Various Artist Hosted By Videvo


Very Fake News CNN says:

Dude in the truck is pedophile Podesta chasing minority kids.

john biondo says:

The people responsible for that ad are criminals. Some kid somewhere is cowering under his covers, scared to death of every lifted truck and every sunglasses-wearing white male they see. These people should face some sort of REAL consequences.

Nick Zendano says:

Juan Williams is a dirty motherfucker..

CPQ-Apollo says:

I don't know about you I was hope the truck ran them over…..just kidding….well maybe not

IChingShow says:

What song is that played at the end of the video?

Neil Anderson says:

It's those white supremacists that are killing all these black babies, Everyone knows that.

Dire Wolf says:

There is something wrong with juan

Robert Lange says:

Let's see how the lying scumbag Juan Williams spins this into something good.

Peter Colp says:

How low can they go? Juan has to act like his idiotic self to cause opposition . No one can be that stupid. Instead of a white guy in the truck, it should be the exact race or religion of the children being chased. The largest threat to each race is their own, not another. Muslims kill many other Muslims as whites kill other whites and blacks kill other blacks more. Until this is realized, nothing will change or be resolved and "whitey" will continue to be the scapegoat and demonized.

MBFLA45 says:

Do you think Juan would have a problem with commercial showing a pickup truck with Harvey Weinstein driving… with Bill Clinton riding shotgun and a Northam bumper sticker chasing a group of school girls…

Tripper Harrison says:

Fire Juan !!! I refuse to watch this show till this pussified putz is gone. Hey Juan, you mouth breathing dumbfuck, is MS-13 white or black ??? No, they are LATINO ! Where do Latinos come from Juan ????

H N says:

I never saw this ad….

Veronica Mascaro says:

Can you imagine if conservatives would produce an ad with American children running from a Muslim terrorist. The up roar would be deafening.

Marvin Gardens says:

Those little kids runnng our streets is the nightmare part.

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