Daily Titan – Milo Yiannopoulos Protests at CSUF

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Daily Titan – Video contains offensive language
Footage: Mia Agraviador, Gene Pietragallo, Ethan Peschansky
Editors: Mia Agraviador and Gene Pietragallo


Aver SixtyNine says:

Whoever edited this, do you know how to spell? haha “arguement”

PEGASO59 says:

Du hast mench

Matthew Rider says:

CSUF has turned into an adult daycare center, filled with retarded liberal millennial children.

Stop the biased reporting Titan media. The protestors were using violence and intimidation towards ANYONE who supported the rights of Milo to speak.

VintageGamer.com says:

Look at all the "tolerant" liberals!

bkathbell says:

And any respect I might have ever had for the woman with the green head scarf was erased when I saw the 2-year old in her arms. Who does that?

bkathbell says:

Just wanted to point that the word "argument" only has one "e".

Josh Swett says:

What is this heavily edited leftist crap? Can't tell the whole story huh? Just the parts that work for you huh?

Muddy Witch says:

The woman with the bright green scarf wrapped round her head has marked herself out as a target. It's as bright as a neon sign. You wanna attend these shit shows it helps to blend into the rioting crowd not stand out.

David B says:

Police, army gear, tons of money spent and all because a conservative British bloke wanted to talk to a group of students . Grow up FFS

Starlight says:

If you loop the chant and then reverse it you get ''.. Happy Fukushima Rice Cakes For All..'''
Could be nothing?

MidScream1 says:

Hey Hey Ho Ho! You stupid Anti First Amendment Kids have got to go! Hey Hey Ho Ho!

American Pride says:

I like how you cut out the black with the green head covering attacking that woman. It wasn't an altercation a Trump supporter was assaulted.

yung yung says:

they need to fix they weave bruh

Well shiet says:

Oh yes more immigrants into America, like the one who recently drove over people with a car in New York killing at least 8.
If we listen to these fucking morons It's going to be the end for us all very soon.

dendrens says:

Overly emotional children looking for a fight

Lord Joy says:

Damn, this is depressing. Such intellectual vacuity from "University students". wtf..

LTD1293 says:

When lacking facts and intellectual arguments, repeat the same 3 words in a stupid chant. How do these filthy worthless peasants not run out of breath?

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