Election Coverage 2017: Virginia, New Jersey gubernatorial races highlight off-year results

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ABC News provides live coverage and political analysis as results from the day’s vote are determined for New Jersey and Virginia governors.

What will the NJ and VA governor’s races tell us about the Trump presidency? Join our special coverage beginning at 7:30p ET #ElectionDay

Find out live who will win the 2017 New Jersey election, Republican Kim Guadagno or Democrat Phil Murphy?

Find out live who will win the 2017 Virginia election, Republican Ed Gillespie or Democrat Ralph Northam?

Virginia voters head to the polls to decide their next governors in a race that has been closely watched as a bellwether for the 2018 midterm elections and a test of President Donald Trump’s influence in the only Southern state he lost in the 2016 presidential election. New Jersey voters head to the polls in one of the two gubernatorial elections taking place today, an election that has developed into a referendum on sitting Gov. Chris Christie and on the strength of the Democratic Party, one year after the election of President Donald Trump.

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Destroyer Venom says:

Californians moved and flocked to Virginia. but technically it looks like the Russians hacked this election for Virginia & New Jersey too. Its so obvious and the dems are happy about it this time. Democrats cant win anything unless they cheat or change the sex of someone like mr potatohead. Feel sorry for them then you will vote for them. obvious way to destroy America is to get them to think that being gay is the only way and if you dont like it your a hater or a racist. Its obvious that the word love only means what you have sex with to democrats. Love is sex not love. Virginia is a broke welfare state anyways now that the liberals are going to ruin it. oh well time to move a gain and try to get away from their flaming pile of wieners and lipstick with little boys and Wienstiens. Since New Jersey and Virginias races were hacked by russians it doesnt count either. Democrat Hillary Clinton helped and paid for russians to hack these campains for these states. Everyone knows it already.

POC Skellington says:

Nobody likes Trump.

Lee Johnson says:

Two Republicans, Corker and Flake, coming out strong against Trump, and the two Bush Presidents saying that Trump is nothing but a Blow Hard, helped many Voters make up their mind when it comes to supporting a Trump Candidate.

Lee Johnson says:

Voters in more than one State told Republicans what they think of Trump and his Big Mouth. If the Russian Hackers do not make Donald Trump win the Presidency in year 2020, I have to believe that Trump will not win Re-Election. Most voters have had it with Trump and they want to get rid of him.,

Robert Neville says:

Oh man I love all the Trumptard tears mmmmmmmmmmm they're so good, man it should be a landslide for Democrats in 2018 then I'm gonna get more tears from all the Trumptards.

Trotsky or Bust says:

Corporate Dems when big. We lose. youtu.be/lWe2CYjJKFs

Lisa speaks truth says:

Friends, please look at the filthy, hateful comments about republicans and President Trump everywhere. These are NOT NORMAL. I dont even think they are from Americans. Illegals hate POTUS that much and illegals are stupid and rude enough to comment like that. But so are the propaganda mercenaries employed by the alphabet agencies who are constantly stalking the internet. Always trying to shape how we feel. THIS is what is happening, friends! WHY?!
Because both of these wins ARE FRAUDULENT!
They were pulled off by the Dept of Homeland INSECURITY. The same troublesome department who was actually BUSTED trying to hack the 2016 election results to manipulate them for the dirty dems! NOW these government gangsters and political prostitutes have total access to the election results, and those of us who were watching KNEW these disgusting low-lives would try to pull this over on America! This is a test run people. THIS IS what will happen in EVERY ELECTION going forward if we accept this lie! I know. The loser who helped implement this for the dept of homeland insecurity is a politician from the election fraud capital of the country, and the state I live in-California! Welcome to hell, America!

robertsd247 says:

Let's review why Virginia Soviet Socialist Republik is NOT a test for Trump .

1) Liberal trash in NOVA controls statewide elections now.
2) Liberal trash now controls in even the backwater 4th tier holes like Charolettesville and Roanoke.
3) Gillespie is a cuck and never-Trumper.
4) What's left of the red counties are cucks and bible-thumping neocons.

harold smith says:

are you really that surprised? Hillary won all these states last year Newyork New Jersey.First openly transgender state legislator elected in Virginia? immorality reigns supreme down here they love there homo's there illegals and there terrorist no winners or losers here. well TRUMP has got 8 years to try to fined a cure for this liberal cancer that's destroying our society good luck.

warren WTF says:

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.
So idiot aMErika put the same BS 2 parties into power again. Idiot aMErika both parties work for the same agenda and its not for "we the people" idiots.

Christie Boyce says:

Thank you for this coverage…. Some of the best I have found on the internet!

Jamied2007 Coolkids says:

Fuck you trump

Willy Winker says:

Fox's Sean Hannity is gonna puke Trump cum all over his desk after how much he's gotta gulp down Donald's stinky pecker after tonight.

el Médico Extraño says:

they hide behind the peaceful muslims(will be activated as extremists at some point by the true violent islam war crusaders)
imagine what they'd to their adopted daughters and their slaves…
Islam Money! Amen to Islamic planet domination… where unlimited wives and family orgies… and the islamic fathers are singing "Marry your daughter" to themselves. Then survival of the fittest for the males… Only the elite islam males will remain with their lavish palaces and sex robots…Of course no gays allowed because islam is basically for the man's point of view.
.but lesbianism during family orgies they allow… Because a man looks ugly to another man…no sexual value… will be treated inhumane and worthless slaves… sexually attractive women will be more priveledged … they just had to let their men use them in bed and they'll be fed and sheltered well…but sometimes, the men can get violently sadistic and unsanitary.. Pure evil like islam was never worth these sacrifices. The world is violent enough already, but it will be way worse if Earth becomes Islam. There are no borders anymore… Communists, Kremlins, Islam never stopped expansion since cold war… They are not just preparing, they want it to happen… Reservoirs of evil wants to take billions of lives

OG Johnson says:

Congratulations to Democrats in Virginia! But I’m upset they won in New Jersey I wanted Kaper Dale and Lisa To Win New Jersey!

OG Johnson says:

How come when the black man is talking it kept going out?

Pamela Prizant says:

NOT A TEST REGARDING POTUS TRUMP – WHO WON !!!! Get to the point!!!!

RoboCock says:

And folks, this is why New Jersey is the armpit of the United States

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