Steve Bannon on Breitbart News Daily (11/8/2017)

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Laura P. says:

Clean The Voter Rolls BEFORE The Deadline Prior to 2018 Elections.

R F F 2 says:

MAGA = Molesters Are Groping America.

Laura P. says:

Just Too Many Dem Candidates Masquerading As Repubs. Ashamed it could take 1-2 election cycles to wean the Rhinos out: However, we might have a Communist Regime by then or another Islamic Nation. Certainly America will be a sewer, and the Lib Elite would've taken their Billions and Run…

Phil McGroin says:

Great song #ItOkToBeWhite

Greg Nyberg says:

There's an old saying; A Dog knows who to bark at

Nancy Peterson says:

How do we fight our DOJ AND FBI CORRUPTION???

Nancy Peterson says:

She better be praying for deatb because we will only give her bread and water in jail and NO HEALTHCARE NO MEDICINES BUT LOTS of smart dust!!

Realstuff Steve says:

Gillespie untrustworthy not sure he ever wanted to win anything.

Princess Bubblee says:

Republican and Democrat don't matter. CIA is all that matters.

Tom Scott says:

GOPnever learn Weak and ineffective RINO' s like McCain and Romney gave us 8 years of islamo-communism also known as obammunism Now weak and ineffective Gillespie opened the door to the same program in Virginia

bbbf09 says:

Nazis going down . . . . in flames. Biggest FU to nazis since D-day.

maria farmer says:

Steve Bannon=Genius

Sal ty says:

Commie bastards.

Louis Boyce says:

Steve you are awesome. Thank you for all you do . and thank you brietbart staff.

Prince Ipsiss says:

Bush senior has said that he voted for Hillary. George W Bush said that he voted 'none of the above'. They both want Democrats to win. Didn't Gillespie know that the father & son Bush both want the Republicans to LOSE? Bushes made the Democrats win!

ultimateguitarwizard says:

Where did fucking Mac Mullin come from? Oh yeah….

David Harrell says:

Why vote for just another swamp creature in Virginia? Gillespie was way too distant from President Trump's agenda.

Dave Ware says:

Either the GOP joins together under trump or we lose

tcmtr6 says:

It is not Trump who will give America back to the DemoKKKrats, it is Jeff Sessions. He is doing ZERO to expose the DemoKKKrats for the Communist they truly are.

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