New video shows suspect in Tampa serial killings: Police

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Tampa police released surveillance video taken just moments before Ronald Felton, 60, was killed as they search for a suspect in a string of murders in the same neighborhood.


Young Professional says:

someone has to recognize the walk. I can recognize all my male family member bc the walk is like a fingerprint; combine that with their height and build someone has to recognize that much about him

Marco Sartori says:

I wouldn't like to be a tall lean black guy living there. If I were I would be wearing a blonde wig and a corset pretending to be mariah carey.

misterknow1 says:

So fucking fake you gotta be kidding me any1 who believes this shit is serial killing common sense use your fucking brains people

21finess says:

watching what? screen in black

Bjamin1107 says:

They need a phsycic like Teresa kaputo, Monica the medium or Tyler or that dude before them. I'm sure other phsycis can help

Melanie Ops says:

wow this amazing HD footage is gonna get him caught for sure! Thank the kid who shot this on his nintendo DS lite =) we advance phone cameras so much and surveillance cameras are like .5 MP

Nah Mahdawg says:

Abc news the new face of black victimhood. Fuck niggers y'all are worthless fucknothings.

Dr. Jh Irons says:

Mental illness..

Lopsided Life says:

I can't even see the screen it is black.

Eileen LeValley says:

Gay black guy…..

Ben Judah says:

Clearly a white person in black face. No doubt about it

SpiderMan 1967 says:

By Tampa Bay Times
Members of the black community expressed appreciation on Thursday for police efforts to find the person responsible for killing four residents of southeast Seminole Heights in recent weeks. But at a meeting organized by the local chapter of the NAACP, some members questioned some of the ways police are going about the search. Specifically, NAACP members criticized what police have acknowledged is stepped up enforcement of all crimes in central Tampa in an effort to stumble across the killer. "If my goal is to catch the guy, I’d put all my resources toward that," said Albert Fields, first vice president of the Hillsborough County branch of the NAACP who lives near the most recent shooting. "I’m not sure arresting a lot of people in the neighborhood helps in that goal."

The featured speaker at the Seminole Heights Branch Library was none other than Tampa police Chief Brian Dugan, whose department is leading the search. The meeting was originally organized so members of the organization could hear his thoughts on policing given sometimes strained relations between his department and the African-American community. Tampa police came under federal scrutiny about a year ago after the Tampa Bay Times reported that officers wrote more bike citations than their counterparts in Florida’s four other largest cities combined, and that 80 percent went to black cyclists. The Justice Department found the practice burdened the black community and was not effective in fighting crime but, while unfair, was not intended to be harassment. "We are still trying to heal in this community," said Ella K. Coffee, 45, criminal justice chair of the Hillsborough NAACP. "The arrest rates went up during the ‘biking while black,’ and I understand they’ve gone up again."

Indeed, as the Times has reported, police have made twice as many arrests in the area as they did over the same period a year ago. Dugan told those gathered Thursday that updated numbers show that officers have actually tripled the number of arrests. The chief said he has told his officers to pull over anyone who so much as rolls through a stop sign, though he said police are not necessarily issuing citations. He said they are making arrests, however, of people wanted on warrants or for other criminal offenses. Dugan said officers want to be able to take a good look anyone engaged in suspicious activity. "If you rolled through a stop sign before, we might not have cared," Dugan said. "But you roll through one today, we are going to stop you. We want to know who you are, what you are doing in this neighborhood.
"We have four dead people. How many bodies have to stack up before we put a stop to this?" The killings began Oct. 9 with the shooting of Benjamin Mitchell, 22. Two days later, Monica Hoffa was shot dead, her body found in a vacant lot. On Oct. 19, Anthony Naiboa, 20 was gunned down. And early Tuesday, Ronald Felton, 60, was killed.

Dugan has said investigators believe the shootings are related, though he has stopped short of saying they are the work of a serial killer. They have nevertheless caused fear throughout the neighborhood known for its independent restaurant scene and children’s Halloween parade. The chief noted that other notorious killers have been nabbed after getting stopped for lesser offenses, including 1970s serial killer Ted Bundy, who was captured after a traffic stop. The chief expressed sympathy for residents’ concerns about heavy-handed policing tactics. And he expressed a willingness to discuss his philosophy about how police should interact with the community in the future. "Yes the numbers are up," Dugan said of recent arrests. "Once this train wreck is over, we are going to have another hard conversation about policing."

My thoughts about this topic. You will never ever find the serial killer by arresting every black person you see.

sun shine says:

People know who he is but don't want to snitch. Stupid black street code. I work with a bunch of black bitches makes you never want to be around black people again!!! So sick of these racist fucker. Now you protect a serial killer!!!!

Chris Gleason says:

I mean how does the killer think this will end? He will be caught and most likely killed by police and then burn alive in hell for eternity. If not shot by the police then arrested, tried and sentenced to death. There is no win to this. The innocent people who didn't hurt anyone are the one's dying.

mason chase says:

Sorry but that is not the walk of a teen. 30s

2233golf2 says:

Were it not for the horribly grainy camera they might already have had that monster….

Orville Dunworth says:

I can't tell if the person in the video is a male or female. The coat that the person is wearing looks like a women's coat. The person is flipping a cell phone in their hand not a gun. The person is not looking into any parked cars for victims or witnesses or looking suspicious. He or she just calmly walks towards the crime scene before it happens. On the surveillance camera you only get to see 10-09-2017 08. There is no timer on the surveillance camera, so you don't know what time this person was outside or what time they witnessed the murder of Benjamin Mitchell. Surveillance camera footage is extremely terrible, it's not clear. Surveillance camera footage shows you a black and white color, then there is a different surveillance camera footage and this one is in color. Both black and white and color footage doesn't even show you what time this person ran from the crime scene. The person in the black and white footage running from the crime scene does not look like the person in the color footage, that is how extremely terrible the surveillance camera footage is. Also take a look at their legs.The person in the video looks approximately in their late teens, or 20's. You can't tell the race of the person. Light -skinned doesn't necessary mean that the person in the video is African American. Caution, wait for knowledge than to rush toward a judgment.This person in the video is innocent until proven guilty. And law enforcement might arrest the wrong person.

steven vollmer says:

i mean come on we have drones spying on us all we al know that ask the military for help there has to be at least one drone who flew one of those night my god

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