Must Watch As Fox News Has Been Unleashed To Go After The Deep State

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Must Watch KG & Fox News Panel UNLEASHED Onto The Destructive Deep Dark State!!! 11 / 24 / 2017

Some Visual Images Curtesy Of Various Artist Hosted By Videvo


Carson Randolph says:

Beak up these monopolies llke they did with Bell Telephone. Certainly Facebook, Bezo's, Twitter are all utilities most Americans are using more than the old telephone monopoly.

John Rider says:

Is it not against the law for an American to work with foreign Gov's to go against American foreign policy??? If I went to Putin to get support to go against the American Gov. and its policy's would I not get my door kicked in by the FBI??? WTF!!! I tell you the traitors in our Gov. and in high places in America are many. But the hammer is coming.

Jeffrey Arnold says:

the freedom of the press is a huge camouflaged blind to hide in. there should be a clause in it that states, "if the press gives itself into propaganda, and intentional misinformation, it can no longer qualify as legitimate press". thereby removing the cover. they'd therefore be forced to either be honest as was intended, or be relegated to tabloids without protection.

PPaco N. Martinez-Garoutte says:

ngo = NON GOVERNMENT ORG. George Soros 1) Needs a 'face job' lift 2) multi-billionaire who undermines legitimate govt. !! 3) must go; hire Israel's secret MOSSAD to kill KILL K-I-L-L this man.

Donald Brown says:

Until the BIS tower and the three pyramids 1] Vatican city 2] City of London and 3] D.C. Washington monument are destroyed than the cult that governs this planet is still in charge.

Rich Lewis says:

All of these rich Leftist Communist bastards controlling the media and education this really is bad

Rich Lewis says:

Soros needs to go

Patriot @ heart says:

Why don"t they arrest Soros for supporting "terrorism"?

215WEApON says:

Why hasn’t that guy been Merc’d yet?

Dennis G says:

The first thing we have to do is get a real Att Gen. with some balls

paul bee says:

soros is pure evil and a danger to all human life

Grace Conte says:

The TRUTH will always win . Sometimes slow sometimes fast. TRUMP2020!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!

Dontlie Tome says:

Red handed…starting to look like we need some ethics oversight over the msm.

johnny chimpo says:

Until they start talking about the BIS, IMF and the Federal Reserve, they are only scratching the surface.

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