Breaking News… We Got Em!… Founding Member Of The Chicago Gay Mafia Luis Gutiérrez Will Not Run

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Breaking News… We Got Em:!Founding Member Of The Chicago Gay Mafia Luis Gutiérrez Will Not Run 11 /28 / 2017

Some Visual Images Curtesy Of Various Artist Hosted By Videvo


The AntiCoIntelPro Show says:

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Joe Wayne… The ACP

Kirsty I says:

Who is the guitarist in the background? Sounds like Clapton…?

Alexander Solzhenitsyn says:

Hope Adam Schiff is next.

Chewybrand says:

The "Handicapped" mafia is next on their list.

Elizabeth Morlan says:

MS13 his ass.

John Thompson says:

After 7:25 minutes into this I couldn't listen to this long drawn out Blaaa Blaaa shit

Terry Moore says:

Wonderful news !

4LVOFCOUNTRY Americans1st says:

Last I heard he was running for mayor of the CORRUPT island where the richest people on the island are DNC politicians

mikey340bird says:

quads , nice

Debra Ward says:

Can you please let me know the name of this music, the band, song —- I need to find it !!!! Thanks so much

A Brorges says:

Fuck yes. Now we ready to fight the attempts of the long line of liberal lunatics eyeing his vacancy. This war isn't over.

IronCross says:

Tie that MFER up to a cacti on the border. Let those F/F guns get sighted in.

Keith Godown says:

Gutierez is Spanish for power bottom

Sundays Comrad says:


John Thomas says:

I did watch your videos…so get to the point

Anthony Vargas says:

Get the fry pan out !

Mata Pendejos says:

Luis Gutierrez el Gallo de pito. Adios putito.

Anthony Vargas says:

Bye bye little rooster !

Donald Brown says:

Great news great video thankz Joe Wayne

Miss Miami says:

aka the flaming cock (sucker)

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