Access denied: US Congress withdraws RT America’s accreditation on Capitol Hill

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The US Congress has withdrawn RT America’s accreditation on Capitol Hill, citing the company’s “foreign agent” status. That’s hours after the State Department said the US Foreign Agents Registration Act “does not restrict an organization’s ability to operate.” READ MORE:


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RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.


Xalara82100 says:

RT the people are behind you… Fight on and expose these criminals to the world… They don't want the truth to be heard.

Dick Vomit says:

wow USA keeps yelling democracy and free speech for all…into a pillow.

Borna Tona says:

RT is pure shit ,pure anti EU ,anti west propaganda, with a lots of third class actors cartoon figures,nothing journalism

OneEyE Monster says:

It's like the USA elections…the lesser of 2 evils. The main stream media are like lesser

Fixel Heimer says:

No free press in the US.

Harman House says:

They dont like it when you tell the truth all the time!!!

Most Highson says:

Aipac is a foreign agent aka foreign policy agency of the US

OneEyE Monster says:

Come on RT….you're still main stream Media. Until you stop pushing
government sponsor HOAXs/DRILLs/False Flag from whatever the hell government..It's still PROPAGANDA from whomever the fuck….and FAKE ASS NEWS..aint it.

Trevor Or says:

You know you must be getting down to truth keep up the good work

Most Highson says:

AIPAC is a foreign agent.

Inid O'fty says:

America's unfortunate truth is anti-American, the emperor is resplendent and fully clothed.

AllianceWithChina1 says:

Only Israel is allowed to spy and influence American government and elections through its Jewish American political organisations

George Jones says:

RT attorneys should bring a 'Bill of Attainder' action against the individuals that signed the letter to you.

Marie Martinez says:

Slide down your desk just once please.

Arif says:

well that's what you get for spreading the truth.

Mike W says:

1 thing that's clear to the objective American, Great Britain was heavily involved in our elections and should have the shit sanctioned out of them!!

Flavio Sonanini says:

land of the free and the brave my ass whats with freedom of speech freedom of the press. usa is starting to be like any other government oppression country. sad to see it taking that road.

Xplocial OnlineNetworking says:

RT is great n honest for the most part but I can’t stand that RT always defends communists and Antifa scum

Shenron520 says:

The US Government wants net newtality dead so can have control over public view. Basicly it makes the US go back to tell a VISION age then tell the TRUTH or at least find it in the free Internet.

Ishaddiah God's Chosen says:

America. You can pretend all you want. The world have seen you for who you are. You are finished. The world have a blmind of their own. We think for ourselflves. America is done! And its a pleasure to was you fall!!!

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