Greek protesters clash with police demanding to stop property auctions

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Dozens of protesters clashed with police outside the Hellenic Notary Association building in Thessaloniki on Wednesday, during a demonstration against foreclosure property auctions.
Protesters attacked the police guard, beating their shields, in an attempt to break inside the offices.



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m newman says:

oh shit, coming to a country near u

M Blake Jr says:

This is y i keep my guns

M Blake Jr says:

What happens when globalism comes

Vlad Alexander says:

Looks pretty democratic to me police are doing there job but don't interfear with the protests…

Lisa K Troy says:

Why are they fighting the police? They should be storming the government officials offices who made the policy to take their property! Pointless to try to fight the cops.

Noneshere says:

They should of doused them with gasoline + burned those pigs

parker carbad says:

The Greek people have been robbed by the EU criminal enterprise they have a right to rebel ! GO FOR IT GREEK PEOPLE TAKE BACK YOUR GOODS !

Jimmy Papanikolau says:

The police work for the nazi's!!!

Raimund Heinrich says:

Just wait, Germany is next. Deutsche Bank is falling down and has been for some time. Merkel also refused to give them a bailout, so what's next? A total collapse. This entire thing has been planned out by the filthy zionist elite for decades. And it's also the New World Order's way of forcing everyone into accepting the microchip and micro credit money. So if you are sitting there laughing at the people of Greece, don't because we are all next in line. The Euro is falling, and so will the dollar.

BlueWaterTiger says:

What happens if the second Holocaust happened in Europe? Does it target Only the Jews?

English Patriot says:

If i remember right Rothchilds bought Greece's debt this is why Greece is in such a mess.

shahinx84 says:

Where r the Spartans now lol???

Kie Dan says:

Death to rapacious banksters

dumpdigger dave says:

once again corrupt NWO police prove their job is to protect government property and NOT the public

:Clive-Albert :Dodd says:

["If it were not for the greedy developers or people going to these auctions for cheap property knowing full well why they are in the auction then it would all stop, no market not need. "]

Rob Leese says:

Revolt is the only way for the Greeks to go, start weighing up the numbers : people losing everything – 70-80% the balance is in on it !
They would be better off burning the entire country to the ground than what they are enduring 24/7/365
What did the people actually do – nothing but allow the corrupt bastards walk them straight into this.. in reality they got in the EU via corruption which in my book doesn’t make it legal at all, since when has criminal acts held any legality?
The people should demand their country out of the EU , not pay any debts (again made thru corruption in the 1st place) and return to its own government made money and start again (no central bank allowed) !!!
This can not be allowed to continue from the unelected EU dictators, large banks and international systems!!
Lead the way Greece and others will start to follow, U.K. will leave at some point – no European citizen would hold it against you just the criminals !

Gus Scott says:

Greek police protecting GERMAN property

Nandi Langa says:

Jew bankers raped Greece and now they want to take the homes of poor Greek citizens.
Burn the bankers & Jews

1MoreRep says:

Tsipras is a crypto jew.

Rafael Lastra com says:

The jews have brought civil war on all of Europe. It will be the last time that happens!

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