Jake Tapper: Trump’s anti-Muslim tweets fundametally indecent

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CNN’s Jake Tapper takes a look at the fallout from President Trump’s recent activity on Twitter.


pc ok says:

How the fuck is it fucking fake.they just reported what Trump did.ARE YOU FUCKING MENTALLY UNSTABLE

Cerius Bsns says:

I already love you Jake but seeing that creeper on your desk makes me crank it up a notch lol good form

lonar30 says:

Why don't you report on atrocities on hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan? Well they hv almost been wiped out from there but why biased news always ?

wandering spirit says:

CNN fails to realize that mass Muslim migration is causing many problems in Europe RIGHT NEW.
Tapper does not look happy knowing that he will be spending EIGHT long Christmas holidays at
Trump Med.

Loli Sierra says:

Why doesn't Trump tweet videos of the DOMESTIC TERRORISM?
e.g. Las Vegas shooting.
More ppl have died in America for domestic violence, than from outsiders threats.
Where in fact is the real enemy?

Monserrat Mendoza says:

What i dont understand is why they keep calling him " leader of the free world" ? He never was it or never will be.

Sandeep kumar says:

I fuck your channel

Sandeep kumar says:

your CNN channel is was and will LOL channel Lol anchor haaaaaaaaaa dishonest news channel

Ricky Richardson says:

Give 'em HELL Trump!!!!!!!!! Make the cry-baby liberals squeal!!!!!!!!

Bob Phipps says:

Damn!! That's exactly why Dan blabber got fired!! He said it didn't matter if his fake news was real or not it's what it said that matters!! Ha!! Ha!! Ha!!

Pablo V says:

Sharia Law for Europe and America!

Sandeep kumar says:

I am Indian but CNN fake news all view pictures I opinion is trump best gentle man of world I cable operators I said please close the CNN channel because he supports CNN clition network news I know FIFA world cup where match ceremony Russian FIFA president you know you CNN fake watched FIFA president about you channal abousoulty fake BBC Fox I like it channal

Nate Pedronan says:

Get him out of the Whitehouse. This is outrageous.

dave Parker says:

Death to islam

DeviousIntentions says:

You fuckers who hate Trump and worship Muslims, should take a closer look at America, and many European countries, that take all those called refugees, Muslim cow shit, and invite them to your doorsteps, only to experience, terror, rape, explosions, death, and annihilation. Americans are so fucking undereducated, no wonder all scientists of any fields of knowledge come from continents as Asia, Europe and all over the world, but America. POLAND REFUSED TAKING IN MUSLIM REFUGEES, AND EU is Trying INTERROGATE POLAND for None compliance to the therms of their “laws” forced so called terror attempt on Europe.

Christian Russell says:

Fake news Fapper.

Bob Phipps says:

We love our Muslims oh their so good oh their so sweet!!

Mr JONES says:

How can anybody from CNN speak about anything dealing with decency. This network pushes everything that is immoral and indecent.

Piazzi Olbers says:

Thank you for the moral lecturing.

Dan Seven says:

The cheese fell off Trump's cracker a long time ago..

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