Raheem Kassam hammers the BBC over Donald Trump tweet story

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bobknight33 says:

Trump is so BOSS TRUMP POTUS 2020

Brittania says:

This guy was spot on. BBC is such a trash organisation full of leftist pedo enablers. As for May – that bitch is intentionally messing up Brexit, giving in easily to a tune of 40Billion sterling, and at the same time annoying the POTUS of any bilateral US trade deals. She is a globalist piece of shit. UK media has the same instruction as US media – to cry about anything Trump does and muddy his efforts to revive the west. Sick of these lying bastards, paid up trolls in media and traitors in westminster who are inept, spineless and most of all corrupt.

Stjepan Blagaj says:

like all bbc have been for more then 20 years now all fake ,and biased to labour or PC brgade left lib crap and yet they have sex offenders then anybody total hypocrits shold be closed and start as new Real British news and not of muslim lobby and African lobby cheers ..

Tantiwa Hopak says:

Dang this man gave a powerful blow.

frank gunner says:

She's like a dog with a fucking bone she wont let it go !

ener3 says:

Trump has to research on the videos he retweets but muslims don't have to research on their fake religion to adhere to it. Weird.

reigninblood123 says:

President trump is more than welcome in the uk.

Linda Christensen, PhD says:

wish we'd see more intelligent discussion like Raheem's, he was awesome

coolhand1966 says:

the BBC is not fit for purpose

MrRasZe says:

uk dont deserve a state visit from trump, the uk holds similar oppinions of the eu, get knotted

vajiravudh says:

bbc is scared of controversial issues. they used to be one of the best but now …..

Ram Lakhan says:

LGBT killings on American soil were at a record high in America last year! Trump hasn't highlighted that problem has he? Land of the free and home of the brave. Bollocks. The retweeting episode has brought out the closet racists and ignoramii out of the woodwork.

Poppy Neese says:

Could this young man be the Great Winston Churchill reborn! A Britt with real Britt Grit!

Andy Hawkins says:

She ( the reporter) isn't smart enough to understand what Raheem is saying. By saying that their relationship has soured with the US administration beyond repair, it brings the perfect pretext to cancel Brexit, with the excuse being that Britain cannot cope without a strong trade deal with the United States.

Ram Lakhan says:

It's hilarious that in the USA right wing terrorism carried out on home soil occurs at a ratio of 2:1 compared to radical islamist attacks. Who's a greater threat to national security? Home grown idiots of course. Trump can't sort out his own back yard and is banging on about what happens abroad. He can't sort out lunatics shooting at innocent people on his own patch. Trump's a fraud. Smokescreens like this retweeting episode are created to disorientate the public. He is the best at mind games. Sort your own back yard out, Trump. Raheem's entitled to his opinion. By the same token we should hear more about what white supremacists and neo nazis get up to in America and the rest of the world. For fuck sake gay bashing still goes on globally….you think it only occurs in the Arab nations? You don't think gay people are killed elsewhere on the planet? Come on people wake up. Trump is not fit to be a leader. Impeach him now.

Anita Foster says:

Hey…what's your face….not ALL Of the voters in America voted for trump….the MAJORITY voted against him.

100100101 says:

TV licence? What TV licence? I don't need no stinking TV licence.

Paul Martus says:

Well said Raheem that little knob Sadic Kkan does not speak for us Brits.

jim 76 says:

Makes sense

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