7 Uranium One Facts Every American Should Know. | Top Stories Today

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Top Stories Today –
7 Uranium One Facts Every American Should Know. | Top Stories Today

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7 Uranium One Facts Every American Should Know. | Top Stories Today: youtu.be/EcGDsPpGMzs

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7 Uranium One Facts Every American Should Know. | Top Stories Today: youtu.be/EcGDsPpGMzs

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Top Stories Today says:

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Tom Andrejko says:

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. Get the message !!!!!!

ge45ge Called says:

we will see if Sessions is bought and paid for, the coward

Daniel D Tharp says:

why aren't any one of these fucks going to jail……………….

Learning Truth says:

Clinton and Obama do not even deserve to be hung in the USA!

Learning Truth says:

Gee. Just wondering how long before author of the Clinton cash book is found in some tragic accident or suicided!


I know four FACTS! 1. She is a SWAMP CREATURE. 2. You can't touch her. 3. No matter what evidence comes out the libtards will IGNORE it. 4. "Wilful Ignorance" is a disease.

Jamess 3:14 says:

Wouldn't it be awesome if Mueller was actually investigating Criminals? Like Obama Clinton Podesta FBI CIA NSA NASA and All treason against the United States of America?

Truth Hurts says:

All you ever hear is investigating, investigating and nothing ever happens or will happen to the Clintons, Obama, Lynch, Holder, etc. Corruption at its best.

Ricardo Santos says:

So why do this traitors are still roaming free?
Send them to the gallows and televise the execution. Make it a clear message that treason will not be tolerated.

Stewie Griffin says:

In a way we should thank Hilary. If she didn't keep bitching about Russia 24/7, this probably wouldn't never came out.

FOX365 says:

Hillary sold a lot of uranium to Russia. She must be in prison.

Coffy Mix says:

For nine months FBI has been trying to connect President Trump with the Russians colluding on the election and have found zero evidence,yet they knew Hillary Clinton as secretary of state with the consent of Barack Obama sold 20% of our uranium to the Russians,and stood on the sidelines doing nothing.even after millions of dollars were donated to the Clinton Foundation by Russia after the deal.The Clintons and the Obamas are no better than traitors of this country,but both will get away with it, one, because she's a woman and he's black,and two,because they're democrats

Ronald Beck says:

SBOOT THOSE BASTARDS,AND. E DONE WITH those idiots or hang them ,tired of their shit ,tbey are no good trash ,hang them son of bitches,all of them

Marty Martin says:

It’s time for the msm to promote this story on air and in print for all Americans to be informed god bless Donald j Trump

James Rudolph says:

I think the United States government needs to lock Hillary Clinton and Obama up for treason. All these people that preys Hillary Clinton and Obama fans I want you to open up your eyes in a couple of years when we're at War and we're having our own f**** uranium bombs dropped FYI that's what they make nuclear weapons work FYI that's what rush your sold to Iran FYI that's the country that Obama paid a crap ton of money to to get our soldiers out when he should have went over and beat the hell out of them from taking them in the first place. Open up your damn eyes people and see that the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are traitors to this country and they need to be punished for it

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