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Sub for more: | New Daily reports, an earthquake detected in North Korea has sparked fears of a new underground nuclear test. The 2.9 magnitude earthquake was recorded yesterday near a site where dictator Kim Jong-un has conducted previous nuclear tests, according to an Evening Standard report.

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Nola West says:

608k !!! Good Job Gary !!!

SpadeGhostVampire7777 says:

Wait a sec, i know what is going on. The alignments of the Milky Way galaxy in orbit plays a major role in recent natural disaster's affecting people as well, but in this case it would seem that Japan itself was originally connected to Lemuria or Mu for short which Australia used to be the mountains of Lemuria which has dangerous animals like Crocodile's and other dangerous deadly species which would make sense that Mu was called the "death continent" which makes Alantis although evil as well in ruling's of leadership's in advantaced technologie's to cheat death through crystal pryamid rejuvination stealing the lifeforce from the earth, anyhow Kim Jun Un bombed near the west coast of Japan for testing which in the longrun through a massive form of kinetic sizemic underwater ocean activity pushed on the top edge of Mu which is Japan pushing into the plate's which makes me wonder if this is the outcome? Higher than usual Earthquake's in the West coast of the US from wave's pushing on the plate's at the bottom of the ocean which would lead to sadly Japan having sink holes south where the the land's are abandoned leading their forbidden lands for ghost and demon's to visit main citie's feeling uneasy and unrested meaning more haunting's(which i need to look into both the haunting level's increase's and the sink hole's), but the wave's pushing on the Erasion plate leading to more deadly hurricane's and siesmic activity stiring up.

Most likely what will happen is Australia will split at a corner into the ocean along with SW of Japan. I hope my theory is wrong and god rest the souls of any lifeform affected by these outcome's. I hope everyone survives. 🙂

chris papa says:

I knew that there was going to be an earthquakes- this is geo wars.

Carol Harris says:

It could be the last hydrogen bomb test set the volcano to blow. Kim Jong Un-hinged said he was going to do one more show of his power before settling down with a truce. We thought he was going to fire at S.K. but he can blow up his own country. He loves his lobster but somebody should tell him he's destroying the ocean life.

Aj Hall says:

what's up with the gloves man are you Rocky Balboa? Lol or just in a hurry? do you wear those in the dollar store too… lol

Aj Hall says:

what's up with the gloves man are you Rocky Balboa? Lol or just in a hurry? do you wear those in the dollar store too… lol

Claudine Toler says:

I am not a warmonger, however I strongly believe in THIS case, we must bust this heathen's chops once and for all. That means do our best to take the entire country of North Korea out, by taking out everything in that country, by any and all other countries in the useless UN, US, China, Russia, Japan, South Korea, Guam, and ANYBODY ELSE that would like to smack the fat off that little boy's murderous face. This sonuvabitch is not a kid…so, no more kid gloves. We need to clean this world of this pea brain. While we are at it, we have some pea brains of our own. We need to sweep away our own garbage, too, starting with the obama-clinton and supporting cast of fools so that our President can get on with fixing the shit their cast of fools stole from the American people. It would not be hard to prosecute these bastards.

RTA Noskills says:

BTW, an EMP will kill 0% of Americans, let alone people. EMP doesn't cause damage to flesh, or animal / human bodies. It's knocks out electrical circuits. You do realise that ?

RTA Noskills says:

Are you going to McDonalds or Burger King? We all know ur going for food, just wondered which one of the two? God Bless the UK, The greatest country on the face of this planet. HAHA, ahhhhh, Americans, your so funny.

Roger Howard says:


Katrelle Smith says:

nice sounding v8

Bigdogmax Bigdoghoso says:

fuckbreath rumpface kim punk is a walking hazard on the planet and no intelligence cant take him out hmm makes one wonder

Gerrit Dykgraaf says:

I noticed the Right side driving sports car as well!!!! Living / reporting from Europe!???

Linda Wrobel says:

Guess what guys. I don’t believe he’s driving. He is moving his hands. Someone else must be driving the car. He is not a nutcase. God bless you Gary and keep you safe.

Steven S says:

America has done 100s of nuclear tests why can't the north Koreans…the rest of the world need to leave them alone like America are left alone to do their tests unless they attack the attack them.

Alan Rowe says:

Ok. Here is a question. Mr. F. is driving a right handed drive car and clearly there are cars passing him on the right? Is Mr. F. on vacation to England or Australia? Is he really a "Red blooded American?"

Angel Richetti says:

Make one false and stupid move Russia and China ..and your history…you can count on this…your military parades are hilarious and a joke

Maximum Mayhem says:

You do realize that Nikola Tesla was building an earthquake machine and that upon his death, the U.S. gov. seized all of his work right? Just some food for thought…

Margaret Hochdoerfer says:

Kim Jong In just met his match, God is now going to stop him.

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