BREAKING: George Soros “Takes Out” Major Trump Ally – Please Pray | Top Stories Today

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Top Stories Today –
BREAKING: George Soros “Takes Out” Major Trump Ally – Please Pray | Top Stories Today

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BREAKING: George Soros “Takes Out” Major Trump Ally – Please Pray | Top Stories Today :

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BREAKING: George Soros “Takes Out” Major Trump Ally – Please Pray | Top Stories Today :

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Top Stories Today says:

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Craig Anderson says:

Obama did that because Arpaio was looking into Obama's BC at the time and had proved that Obama was not born in America, so they threw at him whatever they could find on him!

Linda Stewart says:

Someone needs to take down the dems libs sosrs and destroyed them because of their nasty discussing work is doing to good hard working American people these don't care about anything but themselves so take them down and put them away in prison

Sharon Keith says:

I thought that President Trump pardoned and released Sheriff Arpaio last week! It should be Soros sitting in prison!

Ken Walters says:


Rose Drown says:

God bless Rand Paul..Paybacks are awesome..wondering if Mc Cain is salvageable..

Robert Lavender says:

but losers cannot win,,,

J AI says:

all Trump has to do is to pardon him.

Gimal 01 says:

President Trump needs to step in and repeal the charges against Sheriff Arpaio. The man is 85 years old, he has already lost his job because of corrupt politicians, his loss in the corrupt Soros led judicial system is punishment enough.

Mary Rose Lord says:

I think George Soros is an evil controlling force who needs to be reckoned with. In my opinion, he is behind everything sinister that goes on with the left wingnuts and the media.

chris walker says:

Soro is the fund that is keeping all of this garbage against American people an needs to be jailed.

Matthew Gearhart Sr says:

Support TRUMP Joel 3:9-10 (NASB) Proclaim this among the nations: Prepare a war; rouse the mighty men! Let all the soldiers draw near, let them come up! Beat your plowshares into swords And your pruning hooks into spears; Let the weak say, "I am a mighty man." BUY GUNS & BE READY TO USE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

Nellie McConnell says:

Pretty hard to consider this profiling when most of the illegals are Mexican or South American, Cuba and they all look Mexican. Obama open borders left our country with illegals all over the world. Criminals and terrors. Sheriff Joe was in Obama way for his agenda, take over our country, with non-vetted refugees and illegals. Trump can't do anything now but he will take care of Sheriff Joe and hopefully give him a job. Go Trump. God Bless. Prayers for all.

Carl Palmer says:

Where is seal team 6 SOROS needs to be taken out

Lorica Lass says:

Trump needs divine guidance for picking his team!  On the one hand wonderful things have happened in 8 months. There are millions of new jobs, factories are coming back to America in droves, the stock market is at a record high, economic growth has jumped, unemployment is at the lowest rate in 16 years, we have much more energy independence, he gives credit to the Lord publically all the time, and international deals that helped other countries and left us with less jobs have been ended etc.
On the other hand, his personal team keeps breaking up! Trump is not from Washington and does not really know, it seems, who to trust and who not to trust. Well, heck in that place, who does know without the Heavenly Father? Palace intrigue and two faces abound.
Please pray for Trump to have a knowing from Heaven about what to do, who to pick, who to trust, in every case.
Also, people are publically talking about taking him out – in any way they can – in the media and sometimes even from Congress. He has put his life and his family in danger to serve this country. Please pray for their utter protection, for holy warrior angels to surround them at every moment always. Please pray that also for those who are the good guys actually trying to help him help this country. Thank you.
(And anyone who wants to come along and make unkind troll remarks about Trump – you will get no response from me, just this advice:  Learn to tell your friends from your enemies.)

Donah Jonathan says:

The Democrats are corrupt. People stand up for their true elected President and get rid of the disgusting democratics who are under handedly ruining the country and elect new clean opposition candidates to form a new party, NOT associated with any democrats who say what they mean to help and get America working again.

Templar Knight says:

I wish this old pedophile would hurry up and die

Wanda Roderick says:

Trump please pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio please he was just doing his job keeping the illegal aliens out

K R says:

George Soros needs to meet up with a special forces team one night

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