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ENTER THE GIVEAWAY – nnn.is/4KTV-GIVEAWAY | Sub for more: nnn.is/the_new_media | Cillian Zeal for the Conservative Tribune reports, Yes, the House of Mouse has jumped aboard the PC gravy train with a male “princess” of sorts, all on a kids’ show that’s already featured a same-sex kiss.

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Soldier4thaLORD says:

Star wars episode ix: The Transgender Jedi

rx22390 says:

To anybody who watches the show regularly this is nothing new it's outrageous and does not target "children" it's target demographic is young adults.

Scaled _Titan says:

Look, more crap being posted that we don't need to hear, get some important news instead of picking on a kids show for F sake, like gees, quit being a bunch of judgmental babies and get over it, people can be the way they they want to even if we don't like it. Shows can have stuff like this to show our kids that you shouldn't judge people no matter what they think or like. Yeah, I kinda don't like it but come on, get over it.

Benjamin Esposti says:

Felix Argyle, lol

windy city55 says:

Wtf is going on? The US is being attacked by the libtards from every front. SMH PATHETIC

ladykiri42 says:

Walt must be turning over in his grave. This is sick!

Flame Rock says:

I'll stick with Bugs!

Alan Ferguson says:

Utterly pathetic Disney liberals,ffs grow up.

doczg88 says:

Sick leftist propaganda. They are truly evil. When you cannot just make a cartoon for kids but you have to make it into political propaganda. Leftists are losers. Lame. Sick.

christy contois says:

Well I had it up to here with Disney anyways this just pushed me over the edge my kids don't deserve for this crap we push down their throats

Gerrit Dykgraaf says:

I gave up on Disney years ago!!
Good Ol Walt would roll over in his grave if he knew what has happened to his parks!!!
True family oriented parks that is!! Not what it believes in today!!!? What a shame it truly is!!!

Tim Kuhner says:

Well, I grew up with Disney. There are lots of great family memories tied to Disney in my family. It's a shame that they want to introduce this to children. They have twisted priorities to put it mildly. There is no way Disney will be allowed in our home in the future. I'm putting a zero tolerance policy in place. I don't want their twisted values presented to my family any more than they want Christian or American values in their products.

M D says:

Liberal programming the minds of kids. I never thought I would see such a vortex the US is swirling around in.

Clay Coates says:

I did not mind when Disney was using mild drugs and never
admitted it that was fairly common with cartoonist i had
a bigger problem with the nudes in some of the cartoons
some of those pik s went by so fast that some see this is
getting out of hand WHAT are thay trying to teach here ???

Leonard Szubinski says:

These queers and freaks are out for your children's minds! Since liberals have taken over they have put us in a world of moral rot, corruption and perversion! It has gotten way beyond sickening and way out of hand! We need to fight back against these PC assholes before they make any more advances upon our children's minds! Pedophilia may very well be their next agenda to push! Who knows with these pigs! LGBTQ and GLAAD be damned!

Mike D. says:

Disney has sunk to a new low..I guess they gotta keep the gender confused happy..

Chris H says:

Disney is very greedy, don't they see that the SJW route is killing profit for the NFL? these guys are dumb

Rachna888 says:

so finaly Disney is coming out of closet, its been run by perves like Harvey W and many that should never be working with kids

backhatter says:

A twisted effort on tearing a nation apart. Fuck Disney ! Disney hires this type of person. How could they not make a character that represents this employee. The Gayest place on earth.

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