How this instructor failed to challenge Jordan Peterson

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BanKulin says:

Good old-fashioned Ad-Hominem against Dr. Peterson's persona (not his shadow).
BTW Social construct is socially constructed too or? Isn't everything our own personal construct and and society is only the vessel that transfers information created by other individuals to us?
Social construct does not exist it's only each and everyone's individual construct projected on the society.

Cobus Greyling says:

Killer video. Great production. Well done guys

k4yser says:

"cultural criticism"? And he dares to call out Peterson on pseudo science?

Sock That Cuck says:

Ira is the new poster boy for the Alt Wrong

Paul Walker says:

Lecturer of Cultural criticism sounds like Pseudo Science to me,

joseph goebbels says:

the literal definition of a keyboard warrior..

Thicker Mandem says:

Peterson is a bum. He’s not an intellectual and his analysis of cultural Marxism is basically a conspiracy theory. Anyone who considers him
An intellectual should read some actual philosopher.

Void Void says:

JP is valuable; but following him won't save Europe from the Caliphate.

john caines says:

Love your channel love your content keep it up

Capri Phonix says:

Do a video on Israel

Lou Bloom says:

Phrenology was never debunked. It was just shooed out because it hurt people's feelings. However, phrenology/physiognomy are real science and are pretty truthful.

Take Off Your Blinkers says:

A few years ago it was Paul Elam from AVFM that was attacked for his "outlandish" views about mens rights and feminism.
The loony leftist hit piece always ensues…

tribute act says:

then the bigot ran crying all the way to his safe space .this was gold.

Ethan Seal says:

Great videos!

Allan Stinson says:

R.I.P Ira Wells (December 6, 2017)

patty.o lanterns says:

Do you think he's just looking for time in the time light? By opposing Jordan?

Micah Foy says:

Why did you change the title?

Yebi Su says:

Wells should not be able to get away with writing in such an informal manner. Some of his stuff is vague and borderline slang.

dorkus malorkus says:

What a faggot.

Gimpy says:

What a goddamn pussy. I would've loved to see him lose that debate.

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