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Jason Nolan says:

Lmao.. next news network and gary goo head is part of the problem.. Ignorant to the fact orange man isn't in control of squat. . to think Khazarian Trump or any other president is in control of anything is ignorant to say the least.. Wake the hell up merica.. Like really.. makes me gag the ignorance of Americans. . Look at me I'm free because I voted for chlamydia over gonorrhea. . Way to go america

Onlashuk SHUGAHARRA says:

What IF all the problems are connected to the people borrowing/using the private credit issued from the private Federal Reserve Bank, through the United States, and that mistake turns all the people into Sureties, Constitutors, and voluntary slaves? Literally, turning the very people into the main resource of financial support to destroy the great American Republic that we all inherited together?

PanhandleExit says:

(Please help fight YouTube Ghost-Comment Censorship) Video creators should announce in their video that they're having a random comment verification test and they will will reply to all comments under this test by putting a (V) for 'Verify under reply, and if there's not a (V) on reply under their comment then their comment has been Censored because it's not Visible. I believe it's the National Security of the public to know if their political comments are visible or not and their first amendment right are being upheld By YouTube, This verification censorship test should be done at least once or twice a month on random videos or videos created specifically for this purpose.

Phil Rowe says:

🙂 Hi Gary –  you really should listen to at least the first 45 min of this video here, as it'll explain very simply, how we've become debt slaves through the catholic church. I've done extensive research in this area, and find it to be incredibly accurate, regardless of anyone's opinion of the narrator – And also I'd like to point out sir, that I'm not convinced that using our TDA's, by claiming ownerSHIP of our birth certificate ISN'T a well orchestrated TRAP, regardless of the validity of Heather's efforts, because once you understand the concept behind the birth certificate, you'll then understand the importance of distancing ourselves from it 🙂

Rose says:

Sue Mc Cain and the 2 others that vote no

Karen Diamond says:

I want to jump for joy!!!! I can't beleive all the republicans that said they would repeal and replace for 7 years and when they finally had that chance McCain blew it!!! What does Obama have over him!!!! Why the hell would he go against his own state, his own people in that state and against a President that only wants to make America great again!

roybdaman says:

Yes, it can be done. Its called breach of contract. Money for promise is called "consideration" making the contract binding.

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