Why Capitalism is Great

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By resisting capitalism, socialists are embracing an economic system that guarantees poverty and misery for the most amount of people.

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Kelby Backlund says:

Great Video man you earned a sub

Thalmor Justiciar says:

It's not the employer who's stealing from the employees, it's the socialist government that steals about half the money you earn and spends it for bureaucracy and their useless money wasting projects. People could work 4 hours a day earing about the same as they do now, if their were no federal government which takes your money away

a_510 says:

Capitalism is awesome! I just bought a new TV and it saved me time and money to have someone who knows how to build one sell it to me for a reasonable price.

Cobracomander diaz says:

I'm commnist so fuck capilist

Trying_To_Be_Good_At_Science says:

Paul, can you please let me add subtitle in Korean? Too many libtarded Koreans and I want to show them this video and make them aware of their idiocy and ignorance. Can you let me add subtitles?

ミカエル 「michael」チャンネル says:

Go back from we birth place

ミカエル 「michael」チャンネル says:

Wtf is that her sound

Starwars Rex says:

Capitalist propaganda #Resistcapitalism

ThePenguinMan says:

you have gay

Denis Belfort says:

I can't fix my teeth because it is too expensive. I can't pay my medical bills (~$60 000) because it is capitalism. I still can't handle with my education loan. Because it is capitalism. I'm almost blind and can't get proper help from doctors. Cuz it is capitalism.

Yeah. Capitalism is great when you have health. But in my case i going to suffer entire my life.

PS: I have a job

tryfon nill says:

Our Lord and saviors Who sacrifced their lives to bring the beautiful art of communism into our lives did not die for this shit.
My comrades spread the news to the world and scream your lungs out.

Eyy Gaming says:

Allthough you say some things that is true, you got to remember that many parts of the smartphone such as the internet, an tuchscreen was developed through the USA goverment. Therefore, according to Paul would be a result of cooperatism. Which he sais is the problem. This video is very poorly made, and have a lot of false and contradictory arguments in it. Watch this video, and you will be convinsed:

Philipp Arvelakis says:

Ok but where are the downsides of capitalism you didnt even name one? Everything that brought us new things made new bad things. Tons of polution because of alot of cars or production facilities. Global Warming but i guess it's fake. Companys try to scam people and brainwash them for example apple or every other brand even clothing. Why is Gucci, Boss or Apple so expensive? Because they have great quality and high standarts? Fuck no, they let children produce their shit for 8$ a week and put their name on it and sell it for thousends of $$. Boss or Gucci are made in the same countries like cheap brands but people still buy it and support this idioligy. And the thing is everybody knows that but why are they doing it? Because its trendy and they look better in it? Look what america did in the middle eastern countries. America started lsIs and co. because they said every country needs to be a democracy and work like they say. But those people never had any problems even people in syria lived on very high standarts but now they need to flee. I think people will say now that i am possessing a smartphone or writing this on a pc and therefore support capitalism but those things became essential in our everyday life because of capitalism which isnt a bad thing, i love pcs but everything has a darker side. Capitalism is shit communism is shit aswell BUT capitalism is something where you can blind people and thats what happening today. And just saying no country in the history of earth had a fully communism system. They only had socialism look into Karl Marx he defined communism and he said that it be impossible to have a country with a fully communism system thats why every country that tried that ended up in socialism because thats the first step to complete communism. Look at Lenin he tried that and failed afterwards. China itself is not even a fully capitalized system they are very socialized aswell. I am not saying that this dumb # is right cause its fu**ing retarded. I am just saying that we shouldnt praise capitalism over people thats all. I am no foreign english speaker and i wrote this very fast so go easy on me.

van béet says:

"We have enough tech innovation and resources for everyone globally to work 4 hours a week and pursue life,art,hobbies"
This may be true,but for how long will these resources support a lazy entitled generation such as yours? With no capitalism to produce more resources ,these resources will become depleted and we as humanity will be thrust back to the stone age.Liberals never think beyond the present

Vita Duken says:

Scandinavia tho

Schnapp _______ says:

Remembered the Red Scare ? Yeahhhhhh

Félix Veilleux-Ouellet says:

So, let me get this straight… the welfare state is socialist, but the welfare state exists because of capitalism. Sounds to me like you're the one who needs to be schooled on socialism.

Eyy Gaming says:

He has no idea what he is talking about.

kimon iliopoulos says:

Those fags with their fucking SMARTPHONES are claiming that they are communists. How ironic……

Milo O'Rourke says:

That's Shoe0nHead you idiot. She's joking.

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