Maradona statue: When football sculptures go wrong – BBC News

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A wild-haired statue of footballing legend Maradona has been unveiled in India.
And it’s not the first time a sculpture depicting a player has raised eyebrows.

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The Statue at Leeds of billy Bremner looks like Charlie Drake.

Out Of Time says:

They should have a statue of Osama Bin Ladin next to Freedom Tower as he is most famous man of the last decade

James says:

Arsenal also have an embarrassing statue. It’s called Per Mertesacker

Bilal says:

0:16 jeez learn to spell "First"

BBCfakenews says:

Haaa haaa haaa haaa!
Statues commissioned to ensure the Prawn Sandwich Brigade get their 'theme park' experience while they eagerly part with their money and fumble with their selfie sticks.

Alex Fabian says:

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therealist811 says:

Looks more like Roy Hodgson.

B. Hagedash says:

Fulham's Michael Jackson is like seeing a statue of Jimmy Savile at Fenway Park.

Funki says:

Both Maradona and Michael Jackson are good at leg-magic. Maradona is one of the best dribbler, while MJ is the best moon-walker.

Brother Ares says:


Alex Davies says:

A statue for a cheater.

Jon Snow says:

Thank God we got rid of that awful Michael Jackson statue from Al Fayed and replaced it with a superb one of George Cohen

Bret H says:

BBC forgetting to blame Donald Trump

Steve J Lee says:

Dude Busted for saying "Alright Geezer!":

chairshoe81 says:

hope they kept the MJ that one was swangin

Godot says:

Chelsea have a statue too; it’s called Gary Cahill

reza choudhury says:

I can't unsee that face.

Judge Morville says:

This statue is nothing like him.  A true likeness would show him using his hand to push the ball into the net.

Four Disastrous Years Coming says:

That sculpture looks like Roy Hodgson.

Jeepers Creepers says:

The face looks like President Trump when he was younger !

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