Gutfeld on Omarosa and Alabama

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Doug Jones wins, Roy Moore loses and Omarosa Manigault is out of the White House.


Shelby Gilmore says:

U people are a joke u support everyone that Fox news and Trump support , until it effects fox or Trump. The Dems used to be called Sheep now who's acting like sheep. I want all u non Republicans out my party. I'm thinking about becoming a independent because some of u have turned my party racist.

amber petals says:

why were the people so excited in the beginning

Cro nus says:

He was relieved to not have this Albtross around his neck……What bullshit excuse the same as Trump lol Gut full of shit lol

omolu olise victor says:

at the end, ​they will shut down fox news last last

Adam Stark says:

Breaking News: N Korea just bombed President Trump's personal library. All 3 books were completely destroyed and… in a tragic twist…

…He hadn't even finished coloring them 🙂

DeAnna Lewis-Bennett says:

Where is the diversity on The Five?  One sided views mean nothing and whomever listens receives nothing.

Randy Leverett says:

Everyone Google Cathy O'Brian author of Trance-Form America. Find out who the real paedophiles are and those envolved in sex slavery and the abductions of thousands of women and children. Don't let another minute go by watch this video please!!!

Andre Cooks says:

Just delusional BS

AYALE AMA87 says:

Whites used her brutally haha now she's all alone her people hate her even more. I'd be laughing my ass off if she committed suicide after being public embarrassed.

aaron dove says:

I can't believe the hypocrisy of this show. Piece of shit! Omorosa was appointed by Trump who hires only the best but as can see he gave a 180,000$ job to a person with a phantom job title. But the panel believe this to be laughable. I wish the news was less partisan and more 50/50. The a whole panel of the same dick suckers.

John Johnson says:

I met Omarosa about ten years ago, and have a photo of us together. She was drop dead beautiful in person, and was a very nice person.

Jo Jo says:

Did anyone see the video where the ads from other states asking blacks to go to Alabama to vote for Jones. One person said many are there from all over the country. One black guy came back to vote 3 or 4 times….CNN reporter told him that was against the law, but that is okay.

Jason Thomas says:

Gutfeld is…….a little turd. The moment Omarosa is out, the five can point out how pathetic her role in the White House was. The rest of the world already new from day one- Same goes for Roy Moore. Oh, now he’s an albatross…… come on Five- grow some cahones. Don’t just go the way the wind blows

Ahmad Sabha says:

this guy an idiot lol

Nelson Chucks says:

is this journalism? this cavernous depts of ignorance , sensationalized, biaised or distorted journalism is stomach churning

1879gym says:

What trashy TV

H P says:

Kkk and the African Americans come together in omarosas demise

H P says:

It was close cuz u republicans love child molesters. Idiotsssss

aundorl says:

You know Fox news.. Creditible accused of molesting kids.. whats your threshold? that everything they claimed happen was debunked? That at least part of the signature was forged.. adn what the hell does that mean if it wasnt?

I'm not fan of Roy Moore… hes a bit too much of a bible thumper. But these whole thing were we allow the Dems to kill another career with shit allegations is getting old.

Schwarz Asche says:

Why aren't the women that work for Fox News who are in front of the camera allowed to wear pants. I don't think I've ever seen a woman wear a pair of pants ever. Is it actually in their contract that they required to wear bodycon dresses that are above their knees?

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