Mother Asks MILO How to Protect Her Son From Women

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Adam Konantovich says:

Very well dressed

Dimitrios Daskalakis says:

so many generalisations in the first minute of this video. I had to turn it off. What a sick individual.

A100Aic says:

Because men are likely to be beaten raped and assaulted by men! Lmao

you2449 says:

1:311:36 = Kristen Stewart.

Tori Soulis says:

"So many women get Somali boyfriends and become jihadi brides." Wait what? Is that considered common?

P Lac says:

Tell him to remain mentally stable and just rub one out now and then.

Most women aren't worth the time you'd spend talking to them, same goes for men (but men won't try to claim you raped them and go out of their way to ruin your life with a lie).

If you find "the one", take it slow and just be yourself (or not, I don't give a shit).

The MGTOW thing is cool and all, but life is way more fun with a like minded partner that enjoys having sex with you. Just don't be fucking stupid about it.

Anonyme Anonyme says:

Very interesting. Exactly what I thought on 'feminists', exactly what I experienced.

Global Man says:

Maybe you should you should go to manbook dot biz and search boree creek. It is 30 miles from Wagga where I grew up.

A man killed his wife and three children in late 2014 absolutely justifiably.

That is where hatred from women like you had ended. It has ended in a good man shooting his children and his wife with a shotgun and, very literally, blowing their heads off.

I hope you are proud of yourself you are getting so many women and children killed.

Max Lee says:

becoming gay,ultimate way to prevent woman.
as gay, you can insult woman whatever way you like.

Pennywise the Dancing Clown says:

Odd and unnecessary.

Christine Howell says:

All sexist generalizations. Some women are beautiful human beings.

LadyDaemontus says:

As they say, there is no such thing as a truly straight woman because of the complexities and emotional attachments women naturally have been each other, so its quite easy for them to go lesbian when a relationship with a man goes wrong.

CureLight Wounds says:

Women today are toxic. So glad I came of age and went to college when I did. Prostitution should be legalized to protect men from false rape accusations. With legalized prostitution there would be a clear contract that two consenting adults enter into which would protect the male from a false rape accusation.

J. A. Jasmooth with the Groove says:


Liberto26 says:

That question alone would trigger the beyond repair

that one guy says:

My add was longer than the video

ModernDH says:

Bunch on cultists. With a leader of diatribes.

Orppranator says:

It’s not that she has to protect him from women, it’s to protect him from the system and it’s gynocentric laws

Ava Rousu says:

He is totally right, most women will do, say, and change anything for a handsome faced alpha male.

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