Surprising Europe intervista Marie Reine Josiane Toe su Al Jazeera English

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The image of Europe that exists in Africa doesn’t resemble reality. Europe is seen as the continent of opportunities, richness and hospitality. Many people on the African continent dream of going to Europe, and some of them take the step. Once there, most of them can hardly make a living. After several years of struggle they realize that the opportunities to really make it in Europe are very limited.
But failure is not an option, they must succeed. There is the pressure of family who often invested in the trip. They put all their hope on their success in Europe and are expecting a lot. In Africa it’s difficult to openly discuss the negative sides of migration. Ignorance, suspicion and fear of losing face are predominant in the debate. This project wants to show the realities of life as an African migrant in Europe and inform potential new immigrants before they make the decision to travel to Europe.


talk2me9ja says:

Bukina Faso need to merge with another country.  Some Africa countries are not viable.

only asitiswritten says:

Linzie Rogers the Most High is coming to fix that

Linzie Rogers says:

What is so sad is that they are leaving a resource rich continent to go to a resource poor continent. The west got rich from the resources of Africa, Asia, and South America. But too many of the countries on these continents have poor leadership , the people suffer, and then feel they must go elsewhere to survive. The west then lets them know they aren't wanted. They seem to accept this scorn and try to persevere when there is survival in their homeland. All they have to do is return and do it.

mark miller says:

some people watching this only speak raas english — have english sub titles dam !!!

Patrix542 says:

there is no jobs for europeans so of course they will not get a job over someone local, times are hard

dizzod outrageous says:

its so sad to see our fellow africans suffering in europe all in the name of trying to find better jobs,

john ben says:

you beleive that Nigerian girl? hahahahah
even their mothers know. why not stop why six years ?

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