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Lavana La Brey says:

WTF are you doing with brexit. They are not going to let you go. You owe them nothing so pay them accordingly. When Britain leaves central Europe will follow and the EU will fall apart. May is a bought and paid for politician and she is just fucking you around. Look the police are against you, the media is against you and the politicians are against you. You being the people of Britain who want remain free. It is time to up the ante. The other side does not play fair. The longer you wait for a fucking miracle the less possible more unlikely it becomes. The time for talk has past. The other side is way more experienced in lying cheating and conniving. It is action time. If you don't act now you WILL get stuck stuck in the same hell Europe is marching towards.

John Kent says:

If this was any other time in history we would already be killing each other.

Mr Leslie says:

I was a trump supporter but I think its strange that you ignore certain things about him. Makes you just as blind as the left really. Lol

TheDopedemon69 says:

Hey Paul what’s your opinion on net neutrality?

Dr. House says:

There will be a civil war if this anti-democratic socialist movement continues to invalidate democratic elections and infringe on our democratic rights like free speech.

York Hunt says:

We need a Trumpxit.

Brawlhallawater ᶘ oᴥoᶅ says:

Thoughts on net neutrality getting repealed? or you don't wanna talk about it because trump made ajit pai fcc chairman ?

Robbie Retro says:

Given the current stoking of the hysteria regarding "Sexual harassment" and guilt by accusation, we here in Britain have just experienced the example of the Police (Who's actual job is to GATHER EVIDENCE for BOTH sides of any court case) withholding evidence that would vindicate a man accused of rape.
Liam Allen's case caused him two years of being treated as a rapist, as of course "ALL women MUST be believed" when they make such an allegation.( )
The argument that any person ACCUSED should have their identity made public, in order that it WILL ENCOURAGE others to come forward is countered by concealing the identity of the accuser, to PROTECT them.
Surely the identity of the ACCUSER should also be made public in order for those who have also been subjected to false allegations by any identified accuser to come forward and PROVIDE EVIDENCE in defence of anyone subject to an allegation?


Love it. "sanctimonious crap" "cretins" sums it up. Keep up the good work. Oh bye the way government's i knew exactly what i was voting for always do. If it does not happen you will have a problem !

Scott N says:

Your videos are awesome

Duncan Soutar says:

Paul's had a haircut

Rachel Mathias says:

Get help dude!

A Flore says:

If they cared about the sexual abuse of women they would be fighting against fgm or child marriage or the sexual slavery that is happening all over the world specially in the middle east, africa or asia. It is all bullshit

A Flore says:

Prove it, if these women can.

pytko3 says:

Trump is a Jewish puppet and so are you, Paul.

Marcel Chagnon says:

I tried posting this to facebook but it was blocked.

Malcolm Reynolds says:

Not gonna talk about net neutrality, eh?

Jason Oliver says:


toegang999 says:

Why do some people Hate Trump so much ? I just don't understand why why why why why ?

Lisa Bell says:

#StopTheMoneyFlow, will they try and murder us, if we consumers revolt. Stop buying whatever you can, particularly taxed goods, tobacco, alcohol and read up on eating nothing but meat and animal fats. We need to stop the money flow. Or else all is doomed, and perhaps it is.

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