Hilarious!…3 Never Trumpers Forced To Acknowledge The TRUTH ABOUT TRUMPS GREATNESS

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Hilarious! 12 / 19 / 2017
Some Visual Images Curtesy Of Various Artist Hosted By Videvo


Johnmicah says:

40 sec intro. ? I guess it’s all good

Jeannie Beier says:

Dude needs to just embrace his baldness and quit hating Trumps hair . lmao

Blake Martin says:

The bald cuck on the right is so clueless it's astounding, and I'm surprised the other three didn't call him out on his BS. First, he talks about the percentage of growth in the Dow under Obama compared to Trump. Two quick points; the Dow had bottomed out when Obama took office following a major recession so it had nowhere to go but up. Second, Obama wouldn't have had near the growth in the Dow without the $85 billion a month the Fed was kicking in, otherwise known as quantitative easing, along with the near zero interest rates for years. Trump is doing this while we were in a bull market due to the previous mentioned reasons and he's doing it without Fed help and higher interest rates. It's remarkable.

Cathal Buckley says:

Zachs brain is so starved it ate his fucking hair

Cathal Buckley says:

That little bald rat bastard needs to just fucking disappear into absolute obscurity

charles martin says:

baldy is a closet faggot and a typical lying POS!

Kamikaze Yamamoto says:

The guy in the middle is slowly pulling his head out of his ass. There's hope.
The bald cocksucker on the right is lost no hope for him.
The guy on the left is coming around.

Nick Worster says:

Get rid of that horribly long intro

Susan Martin says:

They need to cut spending.

patrick beishir says:

I think that may be the first time Zac didn't enjoy being spanked.

rross27 says:

Zach must have to buy a new pair of pants everyday… After they continually burn off of his body! (Liar, liar, pants on fire)…

M. Christ says:

If i put a 5 oclock shadow on my dick can i get on fox news as a Democrat contributor. Lol

Gamer 51.5 says:

Hats off to Trump.

Gamer 51.5 says:

Baldy weirdo on the right: he'll always be a NeverTrumper.

True DukeBlue7 says:

Hey you bald fuck Obama's administration single handedly doubled our national debt.

Robert Colley says:

The bald guy is such a dick.

cshgeo says:

What a demented soyboy bald cock less lair.

luis quinones says:

who care we need  work and low tax

Dee Santiago says:

All they could do is laugh at the lying Democrat grasping at straws. Most of America is laughing at you idiots, Zach-hole.

whatever3210 says:

F the LOSER leftists. No scurrying away from your ideology now. You should have fled that ship long ago.

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