New Year 2018: Fireworks in cities around the world welcome in 2018 – BBC News

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Fireworks in London, New York, Paris, Moscow, Hong Kong, Pyongyang, Sydney and Auckland welcome the new year.

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S M says:

The east always seems to do it better than the west…maybe next year.

Mostafa Love says:


Neil says:

First video I’ve seen published in 2018

#MúsicaBoa! says:

Rio De Janeiro ! Ouuun que lindo , amo porque amo com muito amor…

Muito bom ! Brasil <3

surya gandla says:

May be Happiest people on the globe is North Koreans

Gamma says:

Ёлку на площади Ленина спалили. Кремль спалите, ублюдки????

Destroyer 22 says:

Hong kong is the best

No scops says:

Hong kong was the best

Тимофей Лопухов says:

Well, that’s cheating. The thing is that Moscow had fireworks all over the city in the same moment. And you show only one. The main idea of Moscow’s firework is that you are surrounded by the fireworks, they were everywhere. Just imagine that feelings when you turn your head and see that beauty 360

Out Of Time says:

They didn't show Dubai it will make the other ones look like they purchased from Ebay

cary bary says:

New Years resolution .stop paying the tv license. The bbc are an outdated foreign news regurgitator

gaurav gaur says:

Cheers to the nations who wasted millions of dollars on their fireworks displays!

Quality Is The Bomb says:

Thank you China for this great display of gunpowder.

Ashwaq Isa says:

May our lives be great this year and let's all start fresh and make England great

notnek12 says:

The Pyongyang commentary is hilarious.

Adrian Cr says:

Where is Warsaw? Idiots

The lord Tachanka says:

Best is in dubai

smart water says:

These idiots has North korea but not south Korea? That is some serious propaganda i guess BBC supports NK

Punkster says:

No reason to show Edinburgh or anything, it's only a time of year most associated with Scotland but screw that noise, we need EVERYTHING to be in London.

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