Chevron Has a Secretive Drilling Site in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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Chevron Has a Secretive Drilling Site in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Add to this the fact that a judge sealed the records of the drilling finding so it could be kept from the public…

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Freako VEVO says:

this is decades old

Zev Bellringer says:

Why do you find it highly suspect that the BAR Association Judges seal incriminating evidence paperwork for the giant multinational energy corporations owned ultimately by the Rothschild's International Bankers. I mean, you know the drill. You know what's going on. Eyes wide open. This has been going on for decades.

lukevj says:

So, now we have a backup in the case foreign oil gets too expensive… sounds like a win

Travis Tapley says:

Trump opened anwar. Jeez dorks not illegal

Lucky says:

I'm trying tobring my family into knowing they don't get it I think I have to leave without all of them wtf

Chad Lickinstein says:

Any federal court records are sealed

Edward Clark says:

Just because they drilled, doesnt mean its for oil.

amy michael says:

Drill baby drill… This is good for Alaska. It's not a secret.

IWroteThis says:

When did you ever think that those wildlife areas were for anybody but the oil/resource companies?
The government can change if it is a park, reserve, crown land or sell it. They have eminent domain.

John Smith says:

Trump opened up all the shore lines east and west coast to drilling. He made it open to public. thank obama for the secrets.

centervilletn says:

Many "national parks" and "refuges" sit on oil fields…it is not an "accident"… I had a great uncle who was chief geologist for Hubble Oil and later also involved in finding the oil fields in Saudi Arabia and finally CEO of EXXON who told family members this. (Eugene Holman) This was done to "protect" the oil companies prices.

Raine Nelson says:

I grew up in Kodiak,Ak and it was pristine! This shit pisses me off and hurts me for the last bastion of wild land we have left. The moneygrubbers won't be satisfied until the whole planet is mined,sucked dry,deforested,fished out,hunted,and murdered off.

David Day says:

Love you Dahboo7

Thirty Three says:

Lindsay Williams was talking about the oil companies sitting on huge oil reserves in Alaska several years ago. Lots of oil drilling going on in Alaska. No big secret. Its fighting the cold that makes the oil drilling difficult there. There was a TV show called Ice Road Truckers that was about moving the the oil drilling equipment and supplies across frozen ice in Alaska.

Return of Zeus says:

The Erlach family are an old Bernese Swiss nobility that ruled in Berne for centuries and were involved in politics and military. They take their name from the town of Erlach which produced a division of Swiss Guard and mercenaries that served German princes and the French monarch. Today their Erlacherhof mansion is the office for the mayor of Bern. The family still lives in Switzerland and is involved in banking and law. Rudolf von Erlach and Andreas von Erlach are international corporate lawyers. The company CMS von Erlach Poncet operates in Switzerland providing tax law services internationally and is headed up by Chairman Cornelius Brandi and he is an expert with corrupt loopholes involving tax law. Ernst Brandi and his son Albrecht Brandi were involved with the Nazis. The Nazis were involved in creating and running the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland. Banking in Switzerland is private and enables the concealment of wealth and more importantly making illegal pay offs. Criminals working at CMS von Erlach Poncet are the advisers of Swiss bankers.

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Cornelius Brandi hangs out with Antonio Purini who is friends with Italian and German princes.

Cornelius Brandi with Antonio Purini

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Mildred Mckelvey says:

Daboo7, I'm subbed to YOU, Phillip James, chief, R.F.B., JW. TV, and, last but not least, Mia's New Pair of Glasses. And I check out videos on all channels every day. Then I take this info, and roll it around in my Brain, and try to make since, of all the "krazy" going on in the world!!!! I love the " TRUTH" COMMUNITY, AND WHAT THEY STAND FOR!! I want your honest opinion, I've ask all the others, I've mentioned. In your heart, do you honestly be leave, we are alone, in the universe??? I mean it's a big universe!! Lol! Or are AILENS, and fallen angels, one in the same?? Or, is there a difference in the too?? I'm trying to wrap my brain, around all this info. Any help, would be greatly appreciated!! DEWY FROM KNOXVILLE.

lost in space says:

I wonder how many under age children they had up there fucking pedophiles!!!

viva padrepio says:

Russia doesn't care about drilling in the area and we shouldn't either.

Woods NewsWatch says:

Let me guess they gave Clinton a bunch of money to get the right Judges to hold their secrets. Was it during the time Bill was President?

Butter Bean says:

man I'm starting to hate the oil companies.look at that land, itll be ruined if those jack legs get up there.

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