Rep. Jim Jordan reacts to Fusion GPS Senate testimony

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Founder claims FBI had mole inside Trump camp during 2016 campaign; congressman sounds off on ‘The Story.’

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Penny Lain says:

Read the Mayor of Rotterdam, in 20 years' time, Europe will be a MUSLIM state…
and then it is over and out for the Christians in Europe…..

Aboutaleb calls for patience in Islam debate….

ROTTERDAM – Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam pleads for patience and peace in the debate about the place of Islam in society. "I am incredibly in favor of the gradual path."

That's what Aboutaleb says in an interview with Trouw. (News newspaper)

According to the mayor, the debate about Islam in the Netherlands is so tense that files such as the headscarf at the police and the Sugar Festival can become better frozen as a national holiday. "Some politicians and opinion makers try to force things with steam and boiling water," says Aboutaleb. "But you have to make some debates when the time is ripe. No matter is received as negatively as Islam. "

Islam has been around for fifty years in the Netherlands. "The emancipation of Muslims is now that they have been able to build prayer houses for the last twenty years. In ten or twenty years, there may be a moment when we will do more with the end of Ramadan. "

In the discussion about wearing a headscarf at the police, Aboutaleb is in charge of maintaining the status quo. "Now wanting to have that debate is not useful. Certainly in the run-up to the municipal elections, every position comes in a tense atmosphere. "

However, Aboutaleb does not think it is a good idea to gradually introduce headscarves at agents. The residents of urban districts where a majority is Islamic would better recognize themselves in an agent with the same faith. "We are really far behind when Muslims only feel well looked after by an agent with the same religion. Citizens must always be able to trust an agent. "


Richard Butler says:

Jim Jordan is just another POS trump cunt

mjcard says:

No one died. It was the lawyer for Simpson who made up that red herring. He was steering the hearing. That's all. Just legal posturing.

goatgal7 says:

Watch judicial watch dated 1/11/2018, it explains a lot about fusion GPS, the guy that runs it and his attorney.It shows the game that they played today.

John's Watching says:

You're going to eat your words, Jim Jordan! And hopefully, Ohioans will wake up and remove your embarrassing presence from our American payroll.

Chris Ashcroft says:

I love when the Repubs embrace a lie to the bitter end.

myron huddleston says:

Seth Rich died .

Mike Frank says:

Bring on the indictments.You snakes are going down.

James Jack says:

"Someone died as a result of the fushion GPS scandal leak ???" RED HERRING – RED HERRING – RED HERRING – RED HERRING – RED HERRING – RED HERRING –

Doc Moore says:

Has anyone added up the laws the DEMOCRATS involved in these crimes have broken? No wonder it takes so long to wind these investigations down. We keep finding more and more and more crimes that need to have solid evidence accumulated so that true convictions can be obtained. The list of laws broken must be as long as Gone With the Wind…and hopefully, that's where the Democrat (Socialist/Communist) Party, will go….blown away.

krelfurnace says:

The list of provable Republican traitors grows longer and longer. The Republican hatred of America and American values is self-evident. At this stage, there is a fundamental choice to be made. You can either be an American patriot, or you can support Trump. You can't do both. To support Trump is treason, plain and simple.

Bazooka Joe says:

The irony is that the dossier was originally being funded by the Republican Mercer family who also help fund the racist Breitbart,Rush Limbaugh,Fox News and Mark Levin white supremist propaganda groups. But once Trump won the Republican nomination they stopped and the Democrats started paying for the dossier. The bottom line is that Trump is a career criminal who has been laundering money through fake businesess that are being propped up by Russian money through Deutsche Bank and Cypress Bank who are very well known money laundering banks. The full testimony that the Republicans didnt want the public to hear or read was finally released by Senator Feinstein this past Tuesday and it shows that the Republicans are nothing but treasonous liars and traitors of America.

Jon Triebsch %%&&ginger&&%% says:


VisioSonatus says:

read the transcripts and look for the truth

MrL TLB says:

Im sorry but what??? LMAO!!! So now it's not The Dossier that was used for the FISA Order, too bad huhhh Jim J…

Javier P. Serecerez says:

you piece of shit Jordan, you want to make these public so Trey and Mueller can see the evidence and contacts – FUCK YOU LOSER

Marilyn Shealy says:

They probably didn't release them all, as they were holding information back they had to force the release, for the approval, to bug Trump Towers

dominic pelle says:

How dare the Democrats release the transcripts for the American people to see what is happening without the Republican spin… wonder who the other SOURCE is..and what they have revealed. Trump is going to jail… not for collusion for obstruction of justice.

Uncle Packy says:

Jim is one smart man !!!!!

Robert Burns says:

Does Seth Rich ring a bell ?

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