The Five 1/9/18 I The Five Fox News Today January 9, 2018

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The Five 1/9/18 I The Five Fox News Today January 9, 2018


dicaajr says:

Start at 13:15 Restarts Whole Episode.

dicaajr says:

Repeating Juan Stops at 13:15 but restarts whole episode. WTF LOL

GenerationX Boomer says:

Also to re re, please read the comments after yours, It is called grown-up discourse & conservative thinkers sharing their viewpoints like big boys & girls…the term Shut-Up was treated as saying F*@k You when raising my 3 kids, it dismisses ones humanity & value as to expressing something they believe, ( and Dana is fair, bright & quite polite ) and also thank you, Karen Marie, I was wondering why Juan was Filibustering as well.

GenerationX Boomer says:

Agreed Brian, but the absolute best was on Day One.. The FIRST meeting was with 16 Union leaders were he said "You gave my opponent 60 million dollars, but WE are going to rebuild this country, Tell me how I can help your members Learn & Earn"..and when they were asked by reporters afterwards how this compared to prior meetings with B.O. in the Oval Office they replied "We gave 500 million over the last 8 years & we were NEVER invited to meet President Obama!"..THAT was the BEST maneuver by far,.So Far… hee,hee, hee)..He is a very fast learner & understands people…Stay tuned…

Enuf Al Ready says:

Juan needs to be deported or committed for plain stupidity.

Joyce Brownlee says:

So very Thankful 'The Five' is back to conversing the news again!!!

Karen Marie says:

Weird Juan loop. Repetition for no reason I could see. Sorry had to find a version that wasn't stuck on Juan's 'speech'.

re re says:

Dana needs to shut up. Why does she talk so much.

Δ says:

Thank you for sharing this. ♥

Brian Thomas says:

Brilliant! Letting the press stay at the cabinet meeting for forty five minutes must be one of the best political maneuvers ever.

Seems the wall has to be put on hold so that a landfill can be dug for Wolff's book's.

Richard Davis says:

Oprah would never win the Dem primaries against the amazing Maxine Waters who really is a very smart and articulate cookie with a very high IQ. Every time I see her I thank god that she is a Democrat just as I'm grateful that Chuck, Nancy and Liz are Democrats too. No really, I'm not taking the ……….

Richard Davis says:

I really hope that DACA is not conceded without agreement for the wall, an end to chain migration and the 'lottery'. Let's not forget that 'Dreamers' is a euphemism for illegal immigrants, they may not have intended to be illegal but does not change their status.

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