Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/9/18 | Fox News January 9, 2018

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Tyler Bengtson says:


Sigmund Kovachy says:

I support family reunification. Send all the DACA immigrants back where they came from so they can be reunified.

Jupitermynx23 says:

"Tune in every night to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think!" Thanks for posting, but I miss the end!

Ehi says:

We need the wall. I was stunned the President said, he would sign anything they bring before him. If he fails to build the wall, he should forget 2020 because the American people will never forgive him and the Republican party will die and the Democratic party will destroy America. I am waiting and I hope he builds the wall.

Rich Smith says:

So shocked that fox news is lying about or just refusing to cover the Bundy trial..once again fox news lies to their viewers to protect corrupt law enforcement.

iao69 says:

I watched that meeting that President Trump had with those overpaid Clowns that we have in Congress. Some of them really stick out like that Moron Hoyer, Feinstein, and of course little Dick Durbin among others. Rep Hoyer is gettimg as mental as his insane leader Pelosi, but not there yet. It was interesting when the Commie Bitch Feinstein tried to put a fast one over on President Trump and got smacked down. She is really a disgrace to the Senate, but she represents well Marxism as she is from the Communist Led State of California.

AndreL says:

Maybe Trump is fed up and wants out in 2020!!!

Madara Uchiha うちは says:

Trump is now deep state

Walter Samuel says:

If Trump does this for these leeches, then he's done… And rightfully to… No more immigrants and fuck every last illegal out now..

Lazy Kid says:

If they give amnesty to 11 million illegals the Republicans will never be in power again. 11 million Democrat votes will tip the scales to the left for the next 100 yrs.

Lazy Kid says:

Chain migration? Of you want to spend time with your family go back to Mexico and visit them.

Lazy Kid says:

The more I listen to this Ramos guy the more I think we should deport everyone of them.

Lazy Kid says:

What the Fk you talking sbout Tucker? I guess you missed the part where Trump boldly told all of them there will be no DACA if there is no wall.

Wayne Magill says:

He's smart when the congress fucks the immigration up we the people will vote in all new congress then he'll get what we want

큰스코트 says:

If trump allows the 800k and agrees with dems, he just killed his re-election in 2020. He campaigned on building a wall, build the fuckin wall with NO deals, NO compromise on DACA.

Spirit Wolf says:

Trump has betrayed us. Funny how he just passed the corporate tax reduction bill. Ppl voted for immigration reform period. Say goodbye to our borders. Our women & children will be raped, murdered and beaten. America will follow the path of Kalifornia. If we cannot gain reform through our collective voice, then we have the responsibility of gaining reform through more direct means.

Spirit Wolf says:

betrayed 🙁

Vidavis Prime says:

Google = Skynet

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