Twitter Caught Shadow Banning, Blocking Opposing Views

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In the latest of a series of undercover operations targeting the mainstream media and now Social Media, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has just dropped a new undercover video which reveals Twitter “shadow banning” and creating algorithms that censor certain ideas.

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Mutant Uprising says:

Want a list of Youtubers who do the same things?
Ohhhhh the lulz

harry guy says:

Youtube does the same thing…you post comments that show up for you and maybe the regulars and friends but not for the majority.I noticed this a couple years ago cause no one was replying to certain comments.
When I watched the videos on someone elses computer my comments were not showing up…their reply to this is must be a glitch or something on my end lol…
It does not happen all the time or on every video ether and it seems sometimes the comments were restored to normal after a couple months…just screwed it up when the videos are first released when they get the most attention.
Social media is their propaganda machine….NOT our place to connect…unite and rise up against them….to uncover their lies….their deception and expose them to the world.
As to the recent demonetization of vids for a week… is just straight up ripping content creators off using this crap with the advertiser friendly content as an excuse to do it…and I pray they get the asses sued off for it.
We need a hacker to fuck youtube up for a couple months to force people somewhere else and wipe youtube out.

K Arth says:

This happens to me on yt

Diamond Lou says:

And sometimes when I comment on YT. It copies it and post it twice. All by itself. Has my phone been cloned???

Diamond Lou says:

No doubt!!!! Every time I share a video on FB it's shadowed.
Example: the other day I shared a video. It got 140 views 2 likes 1 share in 24 hrs. In response I put out a rant , in 1 hr it had 400 views 40 comments ,37 shares. Of coarse it pissed people off and I lost followers. So they let it thru.

jereme Erxleben says:

We need to shut them up for good enough is enough bs

hairygreasemonkey s. says:

Agree! Yrs back i used to get many videos with the same topic that i followed now i get redirected to entertainment channels.

Matt King says:

I use 80's Tech to communicate with friends.
Good ol CB Radio.Many many have CB's around the town where i live up here in Northern Indiana.I listen to shortwave and Ham radio too,but only talk on CB

Free The People says:

I limited accesses on Twitter today for calling out shills or trolls that always respond the to presidents tweet. Some of these trolls and shills were saying stupid ass shit so I responded to them and told them how they were totally wrong and were lying to people. I guess Twitter didn't like that

jetfan glo says:

Holy shit….I wondered why I was not getting ANY likes,RT'S or replies.when I went to their 'help'.. they said that my browser was not supporting it…WTF? all of a sudden? I even changed my fuckin' browser..asshole…still nothing! FUUUCCCKKKK ! Thanx Dah… was driving me nuts…..damn! @jetfanglo…..Jeff lynne avitar…FUUCCKK!!

Andria Pahsetopah says:

Tatsu Ikeda is trying to build a new platform because many people have experienced foul play

Barb Rogers says:

So what , I ban Twitter !

Rodney Odling says:

computers will be mankind's downfall if we don't use em wisely

joelle b says:

Love you Dahboo. Giant Penis next to your head is funny.

JAE, There's nothing like a NA'VI* says:

Guys, WRITE A POST CARD TO PRESIDENT TRUMP ABOUT THIS! Ask Trump to RENDITION the CEO OF GOOGLE WITH HIS TECHNICIANS AND SEND THEM TO GITMO FOR CORRUPTION AND VIOLATING OUR 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS OF THE CONSTITUTION with this Shadow Banning! Write to: The Whitehouse at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. , Washington DC. You get the Zip Code! Google can't stop you from writing to the President!

Miss Shelley says:

Net neutrality will algorithem the whole internet….

Pirate Magician says:

Thats exactly Wut they did to me on Twitter..smh

chrisw says:

1948 oops, i mean 1984.

dabees1 says:

Just so every one knows Facebook , LinkedIn and ITK ALSO does this so does YouTube … they all do it…

Miss Shelley says:

I had 2 views in 4 months to my recent videos …but i use to get views then they just stopped …i just share my dreams or something i see around town…definetly noticed it myself….and I dont get many views in the first place…but when you get none except for the times ive replayed and searched it to see if it even shows up…I have more dreams but I dont bother sharing because they are definitely blocking us…maybe its because of all the disasters also and big movements of people who loose everything they own and hauled off to the fema camps? who knows if anybody actually sees our comments???

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