You Better Get Ready for When These Drones Stalk the Skies of America

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Terrorists have acquired advanced drone technologies and are now capable of launching attacks all over the world, the Russian Defense Ministry has warned, following an assault on Russian bases in Syria.

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cr nme says:

JAY, you blame others for not pointing out the "boogieman" when you fail to do the same. You provide the thieves another mask when you constantly keep pointing to their masks instead of their faces. The alphbets are all masks and you know it, so why do you keep silent on who placed those masks there?
Their diabolical plan to steal this earth is found in their TALMUD and their PROTOCOLS, yet you remain silent as though this does not exist.
You, yourself, are performing on their world stage, at this very moment, and fail to share the knowledge of the truth as to who is behind the curtain, a curtain you've chosen to stand near.
You've been given so many opportunities and you've squandered the spotlight you've been handed.
It's time you get real.

Stephen Kennedy says:

@Proud Thank You for the Word…. So the Scorpions fallen Nephilim are under Antarctica ? Doesn't Enoch mention something about going South and that's where they are being held in chains

joe bloggs says:

Watch out once the israelis start using drones in any part of the world without provocation from the victim country and the jews won't have any backlashes over it….Welcome to the jew world order oy vey!

Just here says:

Holy shit… dahboo usually informative and motivational. This is fear mongering. "Your all gonna die"? Not really the style I'm used too

SuperDeut4 says:

Red Dawn, Scary.

K Arth says:

Why don't people mention Putin used to work under Markus Wolf in E German Stazi?

Return of Zeus says:

I get military helicopters circulating a 5-10 mile perimeter around my house zapping me with electronic and microwave weapons every couple months at least. They are both US military and private military doing this.

Debra says:

Daboo,what can I do ? I'm on low income below poverty level.i don't have a place to live and no car im60 years old by myself because everyone keeps ripping me off. Everytime I try to put something away to survive someone finds it and steals it. Where I live is a prison town,theives,rapist ,sex offenders, drug attacks ,boozers. Not one person has helped me in two years that I've been here. I'm here for my son,he saved my life in self defense and got 12 years,no priors he was only defending me from being hurt.if I had someone who could help me I would be ok. I need to go to the forest and build a shack to live in and get ready,but without transportation I can't do anything . I need help us anyone out there in Aberdeen Washington or the ocean who can help me??

nastra TRUMPUS says:

Smoking that dahboo

Rocker Chick says:

Big Brother



Chad Lickinstein says:

They only have these drums to beat when they wanna make money

Dallas V says:

Good reporting, Battle.

Zaffer Karacaer says:

The only thing you need in order to be ready is John 3:16.

Edward Williams says:

I believe him 100%

Oofa T Maloofawitz says:

It won't be China or Russia that will drone strike us. It will be the fucking globalists! They are already supra-national in their resource procurement and mind frame.

Oofa T Maloofawitz says:

Sweat shop slaves in China and Vietnam will manufacture the drone bombs that will be used against us.

Oofa T Maloofawitz says:

When Ovomit signed that bill for domestic drone use, many of us fair minded individuals woke up. Only Rand Paul spoke against in a filibuster.

keving52002 says:

prayer is a powerful tool available to everyone that chooses to use it. but you got to remember what brother Bob Marley said. "we got to fulfill the book."

lukevj says:

My gun doesn’t need batteries

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