Russell Brand: The Waterstones Interview

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Russell Brand has undergone something of a transformation in recent years. Fatherhood and marriage have been preceded by a concerted effort to free himself from his addictions. So how did he change his relationship with drugs, alcohol, sex, money, love and fame? In this exclusive interview he told us more about the 12 steps of his recovery, how they can be used to free anyone from any kind of addiction and why he wants to help others do the same.
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Wendy Knox-Leet says:

So well spoken. Important message, brilliantly shared

Rose Macaskie says:

Look Russel, the religious don't like to believe that trauma leads to taking drugs despite the enormous amount of evidence that exists which proves that child abuse has a devastating effect on people,
The religious are stuck on medieval views and in medieval times people who take drugs are full of vice are not to be pitied because of the trauma they have suffered from but to be spat on as sinners and are even cured by demonology, which is to say you have to get out the demon that posseses them, which ever demon is connected to drugs for example, if you are a drug addict. The sooner people realise that the religious are very probably still in sink with such ideas, the sooner the worst parts of religion will be cleansed. A priest in Spain wrote a book on demonology some ten more or less years ago, it was reviewed in the newspaper El Pais.
In the AA, saying that you just have to get over trauma might work but I think people who have suffered from child abuse need to know that others too have absolutely ruined their lives, committed suicide, taken drugs, gone to live on the street, and had their spiritual development severely affected as a result of the trauma of being abused, so that they understand they are normal, not sinful but abused and the general public has to be aware that child abuse is not something that people just get over, it is something that ruins their whole lives. People need to feel sympathies, it is good for their spiritual development to do so, they need to understand, don't tell them that sexual abuse is not really such a very big thing. People who have suffered child abuse among other troubles feel a great distrust of everyone because, from the child's stand point, everyone allowed them to be abused, after that they can-t trust anyone any more. I favour psychological treatments that favour understanding people and sympathising with others.
You who are so good at discovering hypocritical behaviours, are you going to be taken in by the worst of religious ideas? They are capable of pretending miraculous happenings for example in order to amaze people into leaving their critical faculties at home or in order to amaze them into being believers and that is as crazy as many things from the world of drugs.
The religious have some very good ideas and some terrible ones. They get so scared of sex that women get shut up in their homes for example.
To understand that Christianity has many faces, read about the ideas of Saint Augustine, Wikipedia them for example. You might think you are a follower of Jesus when you heed what the religious say, but many Christian ideas come from Augustine and he is not at all the same sort of person as Christ, I would call him an anti christ. At first many religous people teach compassion and love which is pretty addictive and then they use your addiction to love to keep you with them while they move you on to the next phase, then they teach that you have to kick arse in order to get people into heaven and kicking arse turns out to even mean trying to convince those you take on that they have even had bad motives when they have had good ones, convincing others they are bad through and through which i always thought a diabolic activity, in the excessive desire of the religious person to leave no stone unturned in order to cleanse their souls.

potatoe21cr says:

TIMMY! ! ! ! !

smt170 says:

Good interviewer

Keera Ashton says:

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Both Eyes Open says:

XOX. Awesome and Thank You

Claire Figiolini says:

Love this man x x

tss92777 says:

I looove serious Russell. :))

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