The Truth About ‘Fat Shaming’

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Why are feminists promoting a movement that is incredibly harmful to women?

The ‘fat acceptance movement’ wants society to accept and celebrate obesity, with some fat pride activists even calling for critics of obesity to be arrested for hate speech.

This bizarre new branch of third wave feminism only encourages women to live terribly unhealthy lives, but it is being legitimized by social justice warriors and the media to further their real agenda of social engineering.

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No offense to anyone..but airplane seats aren't too're too big..that's just the way it is and you can't expect the world to rearrange itself because you are the way you's an illegitimate problem although an inconvenience to you.


Police are falling out of the sky to defend a tweet is now a crime against speech is under attack..

Kidan Tisan says:

Feminists promote anything that makes women insecure so they believe they are victims. Cause only victims buy their books and hail them as their messiahs.

Nathaniel Lionheart says:

Watching this as I walk into Wal Mart and see two fatsos on fatmobiles scooting out ahead of me. No doubt it will be entertaining if I get to see what they bought for food. Disgusting.

Venice 1987 says:

I shower once a year. I have multiple diseases. Where is my stink acceptance. Better cry about it

Guided Meditation says:

Unhealthy eating habits should not have their own civil rights. Although we do have government protection for promiscuity, perversions and mental illness. The problem with all of these issues is not so much the conditions themselves, it is the Thought Police not allowing you to have an opinion about them.

Sir Whistler Bhagwan says:

remember the sticker "NO FAT CHiCS"???

Heavy Metal Horror Queen says:

Worry about your own country you fucking twat. Bet you as a smoker think it's ok for you blow your cancerous smoke everywhere though eh? As someone who likes clean air, you should be locked in your room or in your car with your windows rolled up if you want to smoke. Fuck you.

Uncle Sam says:

If I hide all the ice cream and lock up the kitchen when I bring home a pawg, is that considered fat shaming?

Optimus Prine says:

Diabetes runs in your family, because nobody runs in your family!

1142 Eat my Ass says:

I don't agree. Katie Hopkins is not an idiot.

1142 Eat my Ass says:

Fuck that! I'm tired.of health insurance being through the roof! Fuck their fat feelings!!

Samoh Kul says:

USA is a stroke, heart attack, diabetic and back pain nation–because the majority of the population is overweight and obese. In USA the more fat you are the better.

Sindur Goku says:

They want to ban smoking, for obvious and understandable reasons. But becoming obese is okay? What the actual fuck. I quit smoking because it's unhealthy and this is what I get as a reward? This is what I have to pay for with my health insurance contribution? How dense are these fat fucks?

Andrea says:

It’s ridiculous. Maria Kang did nothing to apologize for.

streetmuggedbypolice says:

But food is my friend…

Tylr says:

hey, that's not fair. The big mac is actually a normal burger. Now the Baconator from wendy's is like a heart attack in paper.

Yekc lateupu Thomas says:

va bien te fair enculé

katylake212 says:

Asking someone how they got so fat isn't a hate crime. What it is is f'ing rude. Katie Hopkins is usually good, but that's just vile. Why would you want to embarrass someone like that? Don't you think they know they're fat?? This world is getting absolutely unlivable the way people think it's great to be nosy and nasty at someone else's expense. There are things you just don't say. Unless you're marrying the person or insuring them, there's zero reason to ask such a question and be so gratuitously mean.

100braindart says:

chubby girls are the best.

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