The Truth About Oprah

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RC000E says:

I'm hopin like hell Oprah runs in 2020….she'll be DONE…she needs to keep her agenda secretive because when it comes out what she's been up to…she'll be DONE. She knows better than to step into the ring with Trump…he'll slay that woman.

Hammertoe says:

There are generations of black people in this country that are born and marinated in hate.

phill mitchell says:

Let her run then it will come out again about how Oprah lied about her poverty stricken upbringing and when it came out then she used the its what the people want to hear line

Tonio Miklo says:

Black racist.

Swaggercat says:

Opie made all her money off of white women. What a hypocrite.

Donna Sherwood says:

lawsuit for raping? why didn't she go to police ? no civil suits unless conviction in criminal end of discussion

Dennis Bora Djemal says:

The Golden Globe Awards!!!… Only for the most Childfucking Missbirths, of the entire Universe! Applause!!! xD

BlueEyedRedhead says:

I signed the Petition, Hope it works.

Jon Snow says:

Oprah will not run. She was thrown to be teared up and so on while they work on the real people they plan to run….lol…but Mat Damon was on their true list as the new leftist Reagan. Oprah was only a bate to steer focus….and it worked.

Dave Dante says:

Horrible primitive black Nazi cunt has too die.

Treasure Geo says:

I tried signing the petition, they are blocking it. When I tried it said "Uh oh, server is having problems"

StandingAgainst TheEnemy says:

Oprah looks like a transvestite ape

megan2478 says:

There are generations of black people, not just old, all ages…who are marinated in racism…who just have to…learn that whitey isn't the problem.

Treasure Geo says:

Oprah Windbag has culturally appropriated a white persons straight hair…..what a racist!

Никто как Бог! Арх.Михаил says:

perfect speech about satanic hollywood, good job, Paul

jeremiah lugtu says:

Tell me again why the right is hopping on the Weinstein (feminism) bandwaggon? I thought you guys are supposed to be all about the innocent til proven guilty bit? (all this shit is just false rape allegations after another) Oh right.. Media.. Revenue.. Pretty much NOTHING that separates you from the likes of CNN.

Tiebe Swinkels says:

I can't wait for the next POTUS election so that the new Meme War commences.

Ugh caveman says:

Oprah for 3050.

Deaje Channel says:

Tongue in ear! That’s just locker room banter

CB says:

Roman Polanski has been forgiven by the "victim" who never accused him of any "crime" in the first place but he is still persecuted by FBI for what was "consensual sex with a minor"…

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