CSUF protests during and after Milo Yiannopoulos speech

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Подключение к медиасети says:

Hi, Orange County Register!
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Iron Nail says:

Left wingers hate freedom of speech.

Auggie says:

Glad the Dodgers lost lol

David De La Vega says:

Hmmm…. interesting…. I was there at the event last night and saw Milo speak. I didn’t see or hear any protests….

David B says:

American campus life is the pits. All of that aggro and expense because a British controversialist wanted to talk to an invited group. Grow up FFS.

Mark Hall says:

It's about time Law enforcement and the universities stood up to these communist students and their fascist tactics.

Juhstopaskinme Hwatmynameis says:

Only 3900 subscribers OC REG? Sad, but not surprising. Your paper is crap!

Juhstopaskinme Hwatmynameis says:

This newspaper is pure garbage. A bunch of hacks work there.

Arcy Cavalier says:

Milo Yiannopoulos Protest Cal State Fullerton 2017!!!

Dylan Johnson says:

Milo is love milo is life milo is god

Bre Rob says:

Why not just let the fag gab? Who cares, we all know they love gab sesh's. Besides, what kind of pussies live in SoCal now? I remember being called a nigger and wetback daily from 6th Grade to 9th Grade and these people don't want someone to talk at an even they're not event going to? Let him speak, those that want to hear him, can and those that don't, won't. I mean, as a liberal, you have to just laugh at how ironic this is. Just a few years ago, they lobbied hard for gays not to get married, or get benefits, or to be able to get fired just for being gay and now one is Kekistan's daddy. Or zaddy, or any one of the number of gay terms they use for this queen. All I can say is let him slay, or whatever the fuck the kids call it today.

Roselle Williams says:

We have freedom of speech even for Gaydolf Hitler.

MUTE8 says:

Violent suppression of any opposition = fascism

Oh the irony

Jason F. says:

No question about it. Liberalism IS a mental illness.

Bison Days says:


Cris says:

Students and parents pay good money to attend this school. Fuck your feelings. Free speech goes both ways. Police enforcing violence on students for their free speech is more wrong. If not, please invite Isil for the next freedom hate speech.

Yung Hebrew says:

The left is suppressing the truth by hindering free speech, therefore the true Nazis, are leftists!

Kekistani Umbreon says:

Classic California "University". Can't handle anyone with a different opinion.

Max74747 says:

People that are against free speech are the true traitors.

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