Paul Joseph Watson About Lisa Bloom, Brexit Sabotage And Facebook Being Bad For Mental Health

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marine corps says:

The weak british socialists …britain is a lost cause and I hope USA will break all relations with this Islamic monarchy once and for all….and Canada as well

Robin Lundstrum says:

Regarding Brexit: Hang in there, Brits! Don't give up! Take to the streets… You voted, you won, push back. We've had similar situations in the US. One example was same-sex marriage. State after state, even California, had referendums affirming that marriage was between a man and a woman. They just kept putting the issue back on the ballot, until they got what they wanted. It appears that your vote counts as long as it's what they want you to vote. Brexit is a much bigger issue than same-sex marriage, in my opinion. Don't let them win! Take to the streets. The left absolutely cannot accept that Donald Trump was voted in by Americans. If they are successful in derailing his presidency it will be the tipping point for us. My ancestry is 65% United Kingdom. My grandfather was born in England and I derive my heritage from both sides of my family. I love your country as much as my own and have visited three times. Let your voice be heard! It's outrageous that your votes mean nothing!

Chace Mobbs says:

Did those same people say Black Friday was racist? I guess clouds are too! Don't drink milk it's racist!

Chris Corsi says:

there losing the battle of information on social media, people connecting all over the world and they cant stop it.

Mid-day_ Light says:

Can't she afford a better wig ?

nicedog1 says:

I like the way you call it Bregsit.

hazbiniznow89 says:

.. man whoever butchered your hair to look like a north Korean is a funny cunt.
Suits ya.

Phenogen says:

The problem is probably largely due to fluoride in toothpaste and in water has clearly stupefied too many people into dumbed-down sheeple; too lazy to even go to an apathy club meeting but, as clear illustration of their vacuousness, narcissistically constantly posting "selfies" to 'friends' on (anti) social media in between subdermal toxic ink globulisations and piercings to illustrate their compliance to stupidity. WW Cull is pragmatically needed to get rid of abysmal overly-abundant worthlessly poor genetic stock. (It really does make sense on every level) To not oppose is to countenance; sheeple in many ways deserve the cesspit that they now swim in; MSM manipulated fools. As long as we have overpaid "celebrities" and "sports personalities" (oxymoron?) we have demonstrably stupid circus-distracted sheeple leading vacuous lives; mere fodder for the "management', popping out children to merely feed a longstanding corrupt slavery and servitude system. Too many people will only take the "red pill" if its in a megga-burger saturated with corn syrup and Mono-sodium Glutamate (Colonels' "secret ingredient") to perpetuate their proudly obese gluttonous vacuity. To require them to think is often demanding far too much from them. Too many don't have open minds but vacuum-minds that just accept the first garbage presented; MSM.
EU has plundered North Sea oil and gas and the British continental shelf. Without Britain EU (European Dictatorship Slave of China) would collapse financially. Regrettably it still holds true that the sign of a lying politician is merely movement of their lips. Too many are only in the job for the perks and fat-cat salaries and networking privileges (insider trading, knighthoods, big pensions, directorships etc). The best representation for the populace really does seem to be someone who neither needs the power nor privilege (nor the flak) so has no vested interest; Donald Trump seems to be far more effective then the farcical dross of most of the British political leaches. Yes; many are puppets of the real government; controlled by blackmail. To renege on promises should be seen as the treason it is and treated appropriately: -death penalty. Ghandi when asked what he thought of Democracy in Britain stated "yes, I think it woudl be a good idea". Still remains as valid now as then. No Democracies exist anywhere; just pseudo democracies.

Billy Anderson says:

Hey it's reported by the NYT that over 700,000$ was offered to a dozen women two took the money and the other women backed out ! And this bitch was getting 33% of what she got for them !

Thomas McEwen says:

Can we get Lisa Bloom to look at Alabama for voter fraud?

Ann Other says:

Look at those politicians. They give absolutely no fucks

walbedo says:

As we approach 2018, I thank Paul Joseph Watson for his ongoing hard work and research to bring hope from so much leftist lying. It'll all come out in the wash, as they say. Thanks Mr Watson for adding some bloody good soap powder. Now we'll watch what goes down the drain…even if gradually and eventually. It'll be seen by all.

Bob OnDeezNuts says:

Snow is pretty racist though, I saw a snowman call a black snowboarder the "N" word !!

Charles Dobbs says:

European Union is Going to Have to hit the Streets. We Wish You All the BEST.

Charles Dobbs says:

bloom is a Discrase to word retarded.

Gazza1818 says:

Democracy has gone in the UK With the government not doing what the people have voted for,This Country has become a shithole. And also with Donald Trump in the US.there trying to bring him down with all sorts of crap.
People will have to eventually stand up for themselves and take to the streets.

jeep23862 says:

Regarding Watson's views on Brexit and what he calls tyranny,
What is tyrannical is having  an unelected by the people PM who thinks she should have the power to dictate to the democratically elected Government of the people what rights they should have.
Watson, might he his bullshitting YT one sided polemical way seems to  think our elected  Government should have no say in the EU debate whatsoever.
He seems to think democracy need with the EU debate, for Watson's information it did not
This Nation must deal with important problem we faced since the start of wwii*.
 We the people  elected our representative to be answerable to us not May .
She is answerable to not her cabinet cronies or worse still the media press barons but to our elected representatives and via them to us.

*OK since the last referendum we had when we voted to stay in the common market something that Watson and his fellow idiots seem to think was an irrelevancy.

Hang the Traitors says:

The only one who abused that woman was her lying greedy judas escarriot nasty self hope she enjoyed her filthy money

John Cagle says:

I know, not everyone is a religious person, but look around you; there is something much more than just a lack of common sense going on. This IS a true spiritual battle. When governments can stand by and watch a group/religion of people slaughter and threaten the people who were born and raised in their own land, and the government not only protects the aggressors, but prosecutes those innocents who speak out against them; then something much more sinister is happening. Believe me..this is the final battle for the hearts and minds of all our peoples. The radical muslims have made it clear that they plan a total takeover of US and they destroy everything they touch. GOD bless president Trump, and GOD bless out brothers and sisters in the UK. My pastor once said "you either stand for something, or you fall for everything".

thomas clare says:

we will never get out the EU,they have nothing but traitors in westminster,most people are becoming aware that this fascism

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